Low fps / weird fps in TF2

By prkl08
Apr 8, 2010
  1. Hello. I need help.

    I got weird acting FPS. I played CS:S a long time, and my fps always went beyond 100 with FULL settings. Even if I run 1920x1080. When I changed to LOW settings with 800x600 I got fps 500, looking in a corner tho.. but anways.

    Now in TF2, after I started playing it again. My FPS is 140 tops. And when I get outside of buildings and theres ppl running around my fps drops to 40. And sometimes its 50-65 in some cases.. and Im not happy with that at all.. Im used to steady and smooth fps_max 101.. and I cant play at all with 50 fps.. its way too laggy. And the thing is that I get same fps and even a bit better if I use 1920x1080.. I tried lowering some settings and taking filters off, but its just not worth it.. I cant see any fps boost.

    I understand physics of cpu and ram and vid card, and that it takes more if u got lots of things happening on your screen, but..

    Afterall my specs are not that bad:

    AMD Athlon II X4 620 - running on 3.11GHz // Temperatures 50*C top
    Radeon HD4870 - 1GB // Temperature 62*C top
    DDR2 800 - 6GB
    Win7 x64
    23* acer
    10mb Internet

    anything got on your mind, let me know, since I already have tryed lot of things :)

  2. Relic

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    While yes both CSS and TF2 use Source game engine, it's not the same release. Valve has done plenty of improvements since 2004 which results in the difference between games.

    Did you play TF2 before and had a higher FPS average? Like 100+ during actual game play? If you did, double check to see if you changed anything that would have caused an FPS decline like driver updates. If this has always been like this, I don't see a problem. Averaging around 50 FPS during intense game play with everything on @ 1920x1080 isn't a bad thing and seems normal to me. You can of course experiment around some more with settings/resolution till you find a combo that works best for you. But honestly your situation seems fine, I personally hover in the 40's with game play at a lower resolution in TF2 and it seems smooth to me. It's usually when games go below 30 FPS that you start to notice a huge difference or if you jump around a lot. To improve this some engines let you do an FPS lock for a smoother experience (no jumping around between 50 to 100+ FPS) but I'm not sure if this is possible with Source. And if you are seeing other players ice skating around or are yourself that is more then likely a lag/connection issue then GPU related.
  3. LinkedKube

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    At that resolution you shouldn't expect higher fps with the 4870 even for TF2
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