Lowering PF usage

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does anyone know what my PF usage should be as it is currently 240mb and i have heard this is too high, if so how do i go about lowering it? cheers


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Go to Start/Control Panel/Systems, go to the tab Advanced, then click on Performance Options. In there you will find Virtual Memory with a button Change. Click on that.
Then set the Initial Size and Maximum Size both to the same value of 1.5x your PCs amount of memory. If you have 512MB, set it to 768MB. Then click the button Set.
You will probably have to reboot.
Your pagefile is too small, rather than too large.
These instructions pertain to Windows 2000, but I assume XP will have the same.
Next time, please give us some more information about your system.


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If you have enough mem and it still takes 200plus megs of swap, then maybe the app or windows simply insists on that much swap.
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