Machine Powers up, then powers down

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Mar 28, 2004
  1. You can read the saga version of this problem in the topic I posted called "blank screen bootup". The short version is that I ordered a new motherboard (Shuttle AK35GTR2) because I was having this problem with a Soltek board. Now I am having this problem with the Shuttle board after I tried reversing the fan position because I had lost my video display.
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    fist off, never reverse any of connections for the fans, they are keyed for a reason, plus you mainboard may not be the problem, your power supply may not be adequate or is beginning to flake on you. try swapping that out, its more often than not a power issue that if it goes unseen, can wreck everything you plug it into. make sure you use approved supplies only, its better to pay a few extra bucks for quality instead of quantity, because a psu is only as good as the tranformers and capacitors within it.
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    I had bought a new power supply which was tested and after that I bought a new case with a new powersupply included.

    I am thinking that it might be the fan because had the same problem on two different motherboards. May the greese went bad? I ordered a more powerful fan reccommended for the new CPU's and some new greese. Waiting for delivery. Will keep you posted.
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    Thermal grease can in fact go bad. If the compound goes through poor thermal cycles (not enough heat) it will not properly set up. Or if you constantly remove the heatsink from the die, the bond that is created from the heat cycling will break, and have to reform, eventually, the compound will lose its elasticity and have to be replaced. Most ceramic compounds are 100% non-conductive, but don't perform as well, but cheap alternatives to high-end silver-based compounds, I would suggest silver to any performance PC enthusiast.
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    THanks for the confirmation. I ordered artic silver thermal greese in addition to a cooling fan. I'll let you know how it works out.
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    Noob question here but are all the expansion cards removed ? (PCI AGP unless it doesn't have an on board one) it could be a flakey card thats crashing it/not booting I've seen this happen a few times with network cards and firewire expansion cards.
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