Mainstream dual Pentium processors?

By Rory7 · 5 replies
Mar 4, 2004
  1. Hi, ive been hearing around school that in early 2005 Pentium are to realise a batch of dual processing cores, i.e two processors working together. Can anyone verify this? Also there will obviously have to be a whole reworking of motherboards, so perhaps its not such a good idea to splash out on a £130 mobo if its only gonna last you a year.
  2. lowman

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    Haven't heard about a release of dual pentiums as one item...interesting though...I wonder how much of a difference it would be as opposed to simply running 2 processors you bought seperately...
  3. Nodsu

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    2 cores are basically slower than 2 separate CPUs since they have to share some cache and memory bus (unless you have 2 memory channels like the Opteron) but of course it is cheaper and easier for mobo makers.

    On the other hand it's a lot faster that HyperThreading since there are no shared CPU resources.
  4. Didou

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  5. bushwhacker

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    what is Jonah? is that family trees of P4?
  6. Rory7

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    I think Jonah is the codename for the dual processors they are going to be sticking in laptops
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