Major Virus/Male Problem

By boostjunkie92
Feb 14, 2009
  1. my problem is the just of this thread*dot*)html

    Im having the same original problem...i opened up an infected antispyware exe and got a whole but of nasty stuff....iv removed so much already but there seems to be more that i just cant get rid of.

    I done most of the things that were said to do here in this thread, I got as far as running the ccc cleaner, and deepscans using both bitdefender antivirus and counterspy, i removed them and tried to use Malewarebytes and SuperAntiSpyware but couldnt get either of them to load up...Malewarebytes' process doesnt even show up when executed and SuperantiSpyware gives me a windows error when started. I even tried renaming the exe of Malewarebytes thinking that the virus is blocking the program from starting up but that didnt work either.

    About 50% of the time my computer will freeze upon startup, and the other half my computer is greatly slowed down.

    Iv discovered that my web access is being temporarily blocked...when I try to navigate to certain pages (i.e. anti** download pages) im automatically redirected to a "spam" page that is just blank. I was able to manually enter the URL's and download the necessary software thou (extremely annoying)

    My next move is to burn a bootable cd with antivirus on it (avast BART CD)

    any ideas?
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