Making PDF's thru a printer to a usb stick or printing without printing

I am in a situation where I get public data (property info) from a government database. The data is all in PDF format but because of security concerns I cant save the PDF's to a flash drive I have to supply my own printer and print each PDF out which I then scan back to a PDF.

Is there a printer out there that will print to a flash drive (make a PDF) instead of printing on physical paper? Using this method would allow me to get around the flash drive security concerns as it is the governments PC and they have locked down USB against flash drive usage.

any ideas?
So I found out that HP makes a printer that has a feature called job storage that allows you to save to a flash drive for later printing. I don't want to print them but out rather just pull them off the flash drive as electronic documents but I need to know what the file type is when they are saved.

Anyone ever use this feature or know what the file type is saved as on the flash drive?