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By LeapingThongs
Oct 9, 2007
  1. I am a player. I play FPS, MMORPGs and just any kind of PC games. I love taking screenshots.

    Everytime I take the screenshot it will always be bitmap file which is huge! and take alot of space... I have over 6 thousands images.

    I am seeking a program that let me Mass convert to jpeg file at once and Mass resize without losing quality at once. Do you recommend any? Do you know any? I want a one program... 2 in 1... 1 in 2..... that lets me Mass convert to jpeg and Mass resize without losing picture quality.

    I tried ReaJPEG but since I convert thousands of picture at once... its slow... does any program that is quicker?

    I like to take game screenshot... I want to convert all my screenshots all at once... thousands of pictures and I want to resize all at once without losing picture quality. I want a one piece program that lets me do all this. Is these any?

    I am a screenshot taker but it is taking up my hard drive since it is bitmap file. I need to a program to convert it all to jpeg all at once and I need to resize it all at once without losing image quality... is there any program that does this?

    My grammar is not well
  2. jobeard

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    when taking the screenshot
    use the PrtSc button,
    launch accessory-Paint
    then PASTE into the Paint window

    now just SAVE AS ... and change the format to jpg and add .jpg to the file name :)

    there's a great utility called Graphic Converter which originally was for Macs but
    I see has that product for PCs.

    If it's a faithful port from the Mac, then there is a Convert More and/or Bulk Convert feature.
  3. Rik

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    Thumbs plus can do batch conversion too.
  4. LeapingThongs

    LeapingThongs TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 39

    hey thats a program I was expecting... the easy graphic converter. i jus done downloading it and now in the middle of doing it. It have mass converter and mass resizer all in one... this might be the one!

    but as I click start to do it.... I forgot to think if it over-write the original file or not? doe sit over-write the orginal file and replace new? or onc eits done converting it will ask for folder to put in?

    I will check that out once im done with easy graphic converter. does that one is free? or free trial? cause few while ago I tried Rea Converter Pro and it only let me convert like umm forgot the amount but around 20 at once. I want to do it like thousands at once for a free or free trial program.[/B]

    help!!! plz!!!! I jus got done converting images from easy graphic converter.... and now where is the converted images??? I check the folder... and it is still bitmap.... does it put the converted file somewhere else? but where? plzz help!!! urgent!!!!

    another edit:
    I get it now! I supose to change the output directory! if I dont change it.. it will be default at the c drive. and last time I didnt even set it to jpeg! it default to bitmap! now im doing it right!! wo0oho0o!!! this is the one! free! right? easy graphic converter is free right?

    anyway thanks alot! very apreciated!

    final edit:
    holy smoke!!!!!! mission acomplish!!!!! 100% done!!!! 100% jpeg!!!!!! yeahhh!!!!! time to delete the old huge bitmap! finally!!!!! this is a great program!!!! much props!!!!!
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