Massachusetts town votes to build their own municipal fiber network over Comcast alternative


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It's no secret that Comcast isn't exactly the most-liked company in the world, and that became particularly clear on Friday when a small town in Massachusetts -- Charlemont -- voted against a proposal that would have allowed Comcast to roll out cable internet in the area.

The proposal, which may have cost Charlemont roughly $462,000, could have saved the town close to $1 million in the short term. The alternative, which will go into effect soon, was to let the town itself build out a municipal fiber network, a project that will cost $1.4 million in total.

However, it should be noted that the network won't be free to residents. By acting as its own service provider, Charlemont can sell off internet packages to its residents, potentially allowing it to make up its costs or even turn a profit. If at least 72 percent of households subscribe to the network, there would be "no tax impact," according to Ars Technica.

For a mere $79/month, residents of the town will get unlimited gigabit internet speeds, both upload and download. That price is already significantly cheaper than many comparable services in other cities, but it could get bumped up to $99/month if too few households adopt the network.

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Good for them. The upfront cost is high but the savings over time will be nice, especially considering the internet isn't going anywhere.

Looking at short-term costs is fallacy as I see it. Comcrap would simply rape their customers over and over again. That $462K would net them millions in the long run, and people would be conscripted to Comcrap and their garbage customer service likely forever. I would bet that Comcrap would put some sort of clause in the contract with the township that would eliminate the possibility of competition for a long, long time - just as most cable TV providers have done in the US.


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So it was to cost 462k by Comcast, town saves a 1 million, town elects to build its own fiber network for 1.4 million. Umm I don't see that as a big issue or even as the article states "far more". As it looks, it would likely only cost another 400k overall, at least according to the numbers we have seen. So good for them. Get rid of big corporate and do your own thing. Town will be better off in the long run. If it's a good town, people will buy it.