McAfee is causing my computer to keep refreshing itself, and not letting me uninstall

By Richardw9
Aug 30, 2008
  1. I need help! i downloaded McAfee total protection off the internet and it installed fine untill i restarted my computer. then it keeps refreshing itself and not letting me access anything but firefox. plus it doenst allow me to go into the control panel and uninstall it !! what can i do to get the stupid thing off my computer and get everything back to normal??
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  3. Richardw9

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    Sorry this post was made by my brother using my account, its all sorted now he stayed up till 1 oclock last night until he finally managed to uninstall it, it serves him right for thinking you can get free software from the internet.

    I believe the problem was that the program was using up far too muck CPU power, every time the CPU usage hit 100% explorer.exe would reboot causing anything he was trying to start up to cancel, this happened about every 10 seconds from what i hear and trying to start a program only used more CPU power.

    he bought himself time by ending all the McAfee processes and using the short amount of time before they started up again to uninstall the program. Please do not think that i download illegal software as i am highly against using computers to break the law
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    McAfee shouldn't be crashing the system. And now that the kind brother uninstalled McAfee, what are you using for antivirus protection? You should have that on the system and run a full system scan. It is likely the computer has gotten infected- either before when McAfee wasn't running correctly or after McAfee was uninstalled
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