Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault Problem

By AdmRose ยท 4 replies
Jul 27, 2005
  1. I am having trouble running Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault on my computer despite the fact that it meets all the requirements to play it. I had no problems installing it but when I try to run it the game appears that its working but crashes after the Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault screen. It does not generate an error message. So far I have tried:

    - uninstalling and reinstalling my video and sound cards
    - setting all video settings to minimum
    - turning off all background processes

    I have included my DirectX diagnostic report. Please let me know of any suggestions that you might have.
  2. nickbeaton

    nickbeaton TS Rookie

    sometimes the minimum requirements are too low :confused: used to happen to me all the time on my old sys i would buy a game and it wouldent work despite what the req's said i ended up with like 7 games not working in my sys so i got a new 1
  3. AdmRose

    AdmRose TS Rookie Topic Starter

    The thing is the demo runs just fine but the full version just crashes.
  4. saikamal

    saikamal TS Rookie

    yes buddy
    The people who say the game crashes normaly have a
    nvedia Fx5200 vediocard
    or realtek Ac650 soundcard
    try using a friends soundcard

  5. saikamal

    saikamal TS Rookie

    The best config for gaming is

    AMD64bit with assus
    2048 Ram DD2 533Mhz
    256 nvdia vediocard 16x
    creative sound card 5.1 or 7.1 better
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