Media Audio Controller Problem Pls. HELP !!!

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Sep 16, 2007
  1. hello guys,

    im having a problem with the sound driver in my PC. It happens when i formatted the PC because it was infected by a virus. When i checked the device installed, the media audio controller has a yellow exclamation point on it. i tried to fix but i can't. i already followed the sound troubleshooter and failed and even downloaded sound drivers in the internet which is the realtek audio driver AC97 but as the procees nears its completion the PC suddenly stops and reboot !!! and then after reboot it says seriuos error detected while installing. ??? i tried a lot of possible ways but to no there a possibility of by-passing the driver signing? because everytime i try to re-install the driver it always appears and promt me that the driver was not digitally signed in !!!

    i read all the forums here regarding the same problem I had but i want to make sure to fix the problem through your support.

    please help me guys... and I know you will...

    thanks in advance

    for your info here are some of the specs in my PC.

    ASUS P5PE-VM motherboard
    system type X-86 Based PC
    im using Windows XP professional
  2. Rik

    Rik Banned Posts: 3,814

    Did you get the ac97 driver from the asus website? If not, get it from there and try it.
  3. bloodseeker

    bloodseeker TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thnks for the reply!

    Yes !!!

    I downloaded the driver from the asus website. but the same problem occurs!

    I don't get it... it says the driver was not digitally signed in that's why everytime i tried to install the driver, the PC reboot everytime the installation nears its completion...!!!


    please help.
  4. Rik

    Rik Banned Posts: 3,814

    Does it do a normal reboot or does it crash?
  5. Rolfman

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    Does your system gets a chance to ask's you . if you want to continue anyway or stop installation?
  6. raopera

    raopera TS Rookie

    Hello TechSpot Community - My first posting

    I am listening to music in this moment !! but before I had a very similar problem. I search in this forum, which gave me some hints about where to go. Now I am going to show you what I did to install the Media Audio controller again, and get my radio music back to my Toshiba Laptop.

    Hope this helps:

    - Go to Start
    - Control Panel
    - Add Hardware
    - Select Next (will start searching)
    - Respond Yes to: Have you already selected this hardware to your computer
    - Scroll down to the bottom/end
    - Select Add a new hardware device
    - Select the option: " Select the hardware that I manually select from a list(advanced).
    - Select sound, video and game controllers
    - There are two tables where you have to select the option that best suits your need. On the model table select Media Control Device
    - On the manufacturer table select Microsoft (this is the tricky part, the information you need may not be with microsoft, it may be with another manufacturer [one you have installed the device it may not work, and if doesn't work propertly go to control panel, system, hardware, devices, select the media controller and choose to install it again - I suggest you play in this part and in the part above until you get it]).
    - Select Next
    - Select Next again.

    Control Panel - Add hardware - Add hardware device manually
    Control Panel - System - Hardware - Device

    Let me know how you did.

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