Medion Core 2 duo 6300 1.86mhz upgrade

Jad Chaar

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What are your full system specs? What is your budget? Finally, what is the use of this pc?
Just general day to day use, no budget really, just want to know if there is anything that can be done rather than get a new one. what data do you need?

Jad Chaar

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Well if you are doing everyday work, there is no need for a CPU upgrade. How much RAM do you have and what OS? I think all what you need to do is just add RAM and upgrade the OS to 64bit.

Will you be willing to build a new PC? Or just upgrade the old one?

Jad Chaar

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I can hook you up with a PC for about $500-$750. Or you can just upgrade your current system with 8GB of RAM (or 4GB) and a 64bit Windows 7 OS. Then it will be fine for everyday work.


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Help please, I want to upgrade a bit and looking to find out what, if any, processor I can replace the 1.86mhz with.

There is nothing in Intel's current line that is still socket LGA775. There hasn't been for some time.

What Core 2 Duo CPUs were notorious for, is the zest to which they take to overclocking. (a possibility).

A 64 bit OS wold be mandatory for high memory usage, which sends you the bill for OS and new RAM. Your board is likely DDR2, which would be higher in price than the current DDR3 modules.

But, if you're going to have spring for an OS, RAM, and are thinking about another CPU, you might as well just build a PC.

Any of the new Core i3 xxx series CPUs probably have twice the throughput of what you're using now, coupled with 1600Mhz DDR3, which really speeds up the process

If you can save your case, all drives, and your PSU, (temporarily), the sticker shock of a new PS, wouldn't be all that bad.