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Meet Wear OS: Google has officially rebranded Android Wear

By Polycount
Mar 15, 2018
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  1. Smartwatches and other wearables haven't quite eliminated the need for a smartphone yet but they're still fairly popular pieces of tech, particularly in the health and fitness community.

    With that in mind, it was no surprise to see Google enter the smartwatch market themselves back in 2014 with the launch of their "Android Wear" wearable OS. Though the search giant doesn't technically sell any branded devices of their own, they've partnered up with companies like Asus, LG and Samsung to bring the OS to market.

    On Monday, we reported Google could be considering rebranding their wearable OS to "Wear OS" in order to avoid alienating Apple customers who may not know Android Wear works with both Android and iOS devices.

    Those rumors have now been confirmed. As of today, Google has officially changed the name of their wearable OS from Android Wear to Wear OS, simultaneously changing the Android Wear logo to a multi-colored "W."

    "As our technology and partnerships have evolved, so have our users. In 2017, one out of three new Android Wear watch owners also used an iPhone," Wear OS Director of Product Dennis Troper explained in a blog post. "So as the watch industry gears up for another Baselworld next week, we’re announcing a new name that better reflects our technology, vision, and most important of all—the people who wear our watches."

    Troper says the new branding will roll out to customers' wearable devices over the next few weeks.

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  2. p51d007

    p51d007 TS Evangelist Posts: 2,016   +1,281

    Other than tech/trendy...since I have a smartphone either on my belt clip, or within arms reach,
    I never understood the smartwatch yet...but, I also said the same thing a few years ago about
    streaming music. Guess I just haven't "caught the bug" for that part of tech...yet.
    Might be the price, since I can get a pretty good dumb watch that has an awesome battery life
    for less than 70 bucks.
  3. StarDog2

    StarDog2 TS Rookie

    Well, I understand your reluctance! However I am in the process of replacing a 1st gen Moto 360 (which I bought STEEPLY discounted $80!). I'm leaning towards the Huawei classic 2. Or the much less expensive TicWatch E.

    Why do I want to replace the 360? I could leave my phone on the charger in my bedroom, and still know when my phone is ringing or receiving a text from the family room, from anywhere in the house and yard, really. That is a REAL convenience!

    I can make the phone ring when I can't find it!

    Reminders and appointments can be displayed on the watch. I'm old and forget stuff!

    I had hoped to use the Moto 360 to monitor my heart rate when I exercise, but the HR monitor on the 360 was so erratic and unreliable, that it was impossible to use for any sort health monitoring. I believe a more modern watch will bring improvements to health monitoring.

    The Smartwatch won't make sense for everyone, but I miss my 360 (battery went dead, and a repair will cost as much as a new watch!)
  4. Nobina

    Nobina TS Evangelist Posts: 2,008   +1,540

    Sounds ****. Android Wear was better.

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