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Jan 4, 2008
  1. My mobo is a dual channel, currently running 2x 512 of 2700 in single channel. Considering bumping up to 2 gigs 2x1 in 3200 , is it beneficial to go dual channel over single channel ? I play City of Heroes game wise, other than that just surfing the net and basic computer stuff. Thanks
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    Hi tneff,

    Side aside that you can always use more RAM... you should probably switch to dual channel, it will really increase your performance. RAM isn't that expensive these days, so I'd recommend it!

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    If your motherboard supports dual-channel memory, make sure you buy a dual-channel memory kit and your should be ok
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    Thanks for the info
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    I am not sure if you have already upgraded your ram but in my opinion dual channel is not some lightning speed achievment that makes such a huge noticable difference that it just must be done. I would rather put in 1 - 2GB RAM stick now and then if down the road I find it for an unresistable cost somewhere upgrade it with another 2GB Ram Stick. Now you would have 4GB without having to get rid of 1GB sticks.
    of course it also depends on how much ram you can put in. Sounds to me like DDR? If so it is old ram and not compatable with new computers. Either way, when you upgrade your computer the Ram will likely be incompatable.
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