Mesh or Wireless Router/Extender for reaches of home

I am trying to determine the best way to extend the reach of my wifi!

Got a 5000sq ft home with a centrally located wireless router - although, I can't quite reach to my garage end of the house with a good signal. I would like to have a good signal throughout and just around the immediate perimeter (or, at least the outer walls). I'd like to put up a couple inexpensive cameras (like a Blink - more to see who stops by when I'm out!) and they can't connect on the outside walls, just a bit too far.

Currently using a TP-Link Archer A7 router.

What is the best option to upgrade and extend my wifi to the areas within my home and immediate surrounding areas outside (not far, but at least the outer walls!)?

1) Add an extender to my Archer A7 to one end of my home? 2) Upgrade router (like TP-Link AX3000) with an an extender? 3) Mesh kit, like the Eero Pro? 4) ?

I'd like a seamless handoff with devices - and don't want a device, like a camera, catching a router signal and then reconnecting to an extender and back/forth. Are there more complications with a router/extender? Are these a better option than say, the Eero mesh kit? Inside, I usually have 3 computers, tablet, iPhone and a few other items like smart bulbs, wifi outlets and then I'd have (3) motion activated cameras that only record short video a couple times a week. Not a huge network demand of streaming, video, etc.

Much thanks!


I used a EoP device to get a wired connection to the far-end of the house. From there I then added a good WiFi router to cover the area with good bandwidth.

My EoP choice was: