Meta's Reality Labs lost $3.99 billion last quarter, bringing its total losses since 2020...

Losses are when your stuff burns away in a fire, is destroyed by an earthquake or by the bombs of your comrades in the East. This here is just pocketed money.
I still don't understand what this Metaverse is supposed to be (a sort of RPGMMO?) and why should I be using it? I'm probably not in the "demographics" anyway, if I ask these silly questions. :p I don't even use Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, so I guess I'm not going to be among those fortunate sons to bring tens, hundreds and thousands of billions of $ to Meta in the next 10 years. For the rest of them: The More You Buy, The More You Spend. Just Buy It! It Just Works!
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Besides the usual VR issue for some people, there really isn't any "discomfort" when playing in VR (not the type you are implying). It's actually more immersive than regular games. They just need to improve the hardware and software. It's a matter of time.
Yeah, the 800 g Valve Index look really comfortable! All I need to complement it is a hard plastic chair to rest on after a few hours of comfortable gaming and metha experiences.