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Mic Problem with Realtek HD Audio Input

By nikm ยท 108 replies
Nov 30, 2005
  1. jenita11169

    jenita11169 TS Rookie

    hello.. new here...

    just stumbled upon here because of this RealTekm Stereo Mix issue :D .....

    the choppiness of the microphone output..
    i had it removed by decreasing master volume..
    and unChecking that Mic Boost :/

    i can use it now on Skype.. i can use it w/ the driver included in the CD...
    and is still working w/ the new one from their site...

    still no STEREO MIX options tho :'(
  2. tripleb

    tripleb TS Rookie

    My Solution In Detail

    Realtek and my computer case front panel do not work together. (Some sort of HDA compatability issue)
    This solution may not work for you!
    My problem generated from playing Counter Strike (CS) and whenever I use my mic it gets extremely staticky, fuzzy, and other players hear it as a loud deafening sound.
    I have tried several settings and this is the best possible closest quality that I am supposed to have in game when using voice.
    If your front panel mic does not work at all, you can first try solving that problem by checking the option to Disable Front Panel.


    HOWEVER, by doing this I can only enable mic functionality for simple programs such as Microsoft Sound Recorder. The bigger problem still occurs when I play games. This may be the same problem when people use certain applications!

    My setup is a EVGA 680i mobo with Realtek HDA 1.71 (latest drivers as of July 2007) and my case is a Lian Li V1200B Plus II with a front panel mic and head phone jacks as well as USB and firewall. (usb and firewall work fine and are not related to this issue)


    Firstly, ditch the front panel mic. PLUG IN YOUR MIC INTO THE BACK PANEL! If you have headphones like me, plug it into the back as well. The following settings will not solve the problem completely if you use the front panel mic jack! Why? Because the quality is still pretty bad and not the way I know it should be. If you manage to get it to work properly, please write a detailed post of how you did it cause i'd like to know. THANKS.

    Next, go into your Realtek HD AUdio and make the appropriate settings as shown below. I've added some amateurish explanations just so everyone has some sort of shared understanding. If you can make it sound more nerdy and professional, please feel free to reply to my post. I'd be happy to learn. THANKS.


    *Please note that these settings might not look like yours. For example, I know that some people have a Front Pink In and Rear Pink In, while I only have a Front Mic or Mic Volume (rear). However, you'll know if you have the right settings once you complete the next part. My explanations may not be correct either, but they sound right to me. So please forgive me if I'm wrong. =)*

    **Also note, you want to mute the Realtek Hd Audio OUTPUT or else your mic will be ON as long as your computer is ON. When you use an application and you need to use the mic, YOUR COMPUTER WILL AUTOMATICALLY TURN ON THE MIC. That is why the Mic is MUTED in the OUTPUT and NOT MUTED in the Realtek HD Audio INPUT. Get it? Realtek was so smart so separate it like this.**

    Now, once you make the appropriate settings they will be changed immediately. But you can click OK to close Realtek if you want.
    Go into your Control Panel > Sounds and Audio Devices. Follow the pictures below.

    Once you click TEST HARDWARE, follow the wizard to complete your computer's audio set up. It should detect stuff on its own or seem to do that. Speak into the mic and make sure your mic is picking up sound. When I speak normally, I can hit max easily (before I made all the adjustments above, my mic would only pick up 2-3 bars of sound and the quality was very Sh**ty.) Also make sure you can hear yourself properly in part 2. The quality won't be 100%, but it's the best you can do. Gotta love Realtek.

    This solves my mic problem adequately enough that I can use my mic while I play games. This should also solve all mic problems for all the poor and unfortunately Realtek HDA users. However I haven't tested my mic on any other applications other than Microsoft Sound Recorder or in game (CS).

    Now this better help someone cause it took a really friggin long time to figure it out, and then another really friggin long time to make this needed post for all the poor and unfortunate Realtek HDA users.

    Best of Luck
  3. naggis

    naggis TS Rookie

    Solution for me

    I have an Acer laptop with the very low mic volume problem. Searching this forum gave a number of possible solutions - non of which seemed to fix it
    But this did -
    When I downloaded the latest Realtek driver, I installed it through Device Manager > Update driver. To sort the problem, open the driver in Windows Explorer and double click the Setup icon. This does an installation which allowed the full volume for the microphone.
    Hope this solution helps someone - I know just how frustrating the situation can be.
  4. RonBot

    RonBot TS Rookie







    PEACE AND ENJOY!!!!!!!!

  5. sqrammi

    sqrammi TS Rookie

    Got working in Linux with aumix

    I was able to boost the mic input in Linux/ALSA so that it was actually audible by using the "aumix" utility. Just make sure that you have the utility, then bump the "Igain" value way up. You can also do it from the shell with, "aumix -i 80", etc.
  6. carlscheider

    carlscheider TS Rookie

    RealTek Microphone Boost - THANKS

    Super. Thanks. I've been looking for a way to boost the microphone on my Toshiba laptop for weeks. A Google search finally landed me here.

    Works! Thanks much.

  7. stevebridgette

    stevebridgette TS Rookie

    Easy fix

    I had the same problem on my acer travelmate 5720. The acer people told me to perform a system restore - BUT - i was reluctant and tried a few things myself based on these post.

    The solution for me was to open the realtec HD audio manager (in my case version Goto the mixer tab. The top of the screen is the playback settings and the bottom of the screen is the record settings.

    Click on the little dot under the front mic. Then click OK.

    I reported this back to acer support and they said they would add it to the website. Hope this helps as there seems to be many people with the same problem.
  8. MagNet

    MagNet TS Rookie

    Yeah but that doesn't fix anything about the mike connected through the jack, which is completely nonworking. Along with the line-in and stereo mix inputs of course. But it is nothing wrong with the hardware since it works under linux, oh well... I might as well just buy a PCMCIA or ExpressCard soundcard.
  9. tvo_77

    tvo_77 TS Rookie

    Fixed It!

    i havent read all the posts, but after reading a few that didnt work, i found what i had to do to get mine to work, here are the steps i took...

    1) Open up sound recorder (Start>Programs>Accessories>Sound Recorder)
    2) Click "Edit" then "Audio Properties"
    3) Under "Sound Recording" make sure that the right jack is selected (for me it was "Realtek HD Audio rear input")
    4) You can then click volume, and check off microphone and turn the volume up

    Im not sure if this will work for everyone but it is the only thing that worked for me (sorry if this has already been posted)
  10. lilgeez

    lilgeez TS Rookie

    ULTIMATE SOLOTION, with evidence!

    Hi, after suffering 3 whole days of realteks nonsense I finally found the correct settings in order to have a working mic... and posted this solotion to help you people out.

    ***In order for this method to work you must have your mic jack (Pink) plugged into the front terminals on your PC***

    1. Goto Master Volume, by clicking the small SILVER speaker down in your taskbar.

    2. Now click "Options" > "Properties"

    3. You will see the following:
    Now tick them all...

    Do the same for Recording controls, which you can access by selecting "---- Audio Input" (dashes represent your device) in the drop down menu next to "Mixer Device" and clicking OK

    Now that every box is checked in both Master volume and Recording controls settings...

    4. Access both of them and put all the sliders in the positions shown below:
    *These are my settings that work.

    Hope this works for you ;)

    ***The following solotion is for people who can hear themeslves, but very faintly***

    1. Goto Master volume (same way as described above).

    2. Go "Options" and tick "Advanced contols".

    2. Then go "Options" > "Properties" and make sure the ticky box named "Mic volume" is checked.

    3. Then return to the volume contols, and click the "Advanced Button" under the "Mic Volume" coloumn.

    ...After clicking the "Advanced" button you should see the following:

    Check the "1 Microphone Boost" box

    your propbelm should now be solved.
  11. ridgrid

    ridgrid TS Rookie

    Tripleb thanks!

    Hey Tripleb,

    Thank you so much! I was having the same nasty issues in Ventrillo/skype when using the mic. I thought I had tried everything. Your method worked beautifully! Why's Relatek gotta be such a b$%ch!?

    Anyhoo, thanks again! And for all of you struggling with your Realtek ALC888, follow Tripleb's July '07 post. Good stuff!

  12. moojoo

    moojoo TS Rookie

    Yes!!!! It Works!!!

    You did it Tripleb! (see earlier up this thread). And it all came together from the instruction up top in your painstaking walkthrough to.... Disable Front Panel. Suddenley, the mic on my headset is sqealing thru the speakers, for the first time ever!Followed the rest of your settings, and made first ever perfect 2 way contact with girlfriend on Skype, then entered CS in 2 way at last! Brilliant! Thank you so much!

    I spent DAYS googling for answers to this prob- eventually this came up- and I had to join to post my thanks to you all, and you in particular, for an end to the nightmare.
    Happy New Year
    See you again...
  13. ARedFox

    ARedFox TS Rookie

    I'm having a problem as well, as this thread seems closely related, I'm posting here.

    System Specs-

    Motherboard: Evga Nforce 680i SLI LE (Up to date)
    Sound: Onbard HD
    Audio Codec: Realtek HD Audio (Up to date)
    System: XP Professional


    I plug in my microphone, it does not work. No auto detect and no sound recognized in the microphone. Attempted most of the stuff on this thread, nothing worked. The headphones work fine. It is just the microphone. If anyone could I help, I would greatly appreciate it. I prefer not to have to go to buy a USB headset.
  14. jamesjun

    jamesjun TS Rookie

    I found a solution to the mic low sensativity problem.
    There is a "microphone boost" checkbox under realtek sound manager program ->mixer tab->playback-> (scroll to right) and you see mic volume.
    Here is the very sneak part. There is a speaker icon and there is a button with ".." written on it. Press that and it shows the "microphone boost" checkbox.

    Hope it helps all!
  15. pingusti

    pingusti TS Rookie

    Thank you Tripeb! Following your post (earlier up in this thread) I was able to fix the microphone issue on my computer. I tested it with Skype and the sound is nice and clear.
    For all those that hear yourselves in the speakers while you speak, follow Tripleb's advice: mute the Mic Volume under Playback... You do not want your voice played back at you (loopback)...
    All the best!
  16. markie_oliver

    markie_oliver TS Rookie

    mic is recording but the voice's pitch is low

    i do have the same crap from realtek, realtek primary input is not working but when i uses somthing else i does record but the voice is deteriorated and low,.the out put is very good but im a musician and i need to record, but im unfortunate to have this problem and it is way too bad for a system running a quadcore, 4 gb memory with xp profesional sp2. is there anyone can post a solution for dummy?
  17. TASan

    TASan TS Rookie

    I had all the problems that you had, but now it is fixed.
    The only problem I have left is that I think my RealTek HDA is recording og picking up sounds coming through my speakers! Even without the speakers or mic on, I get feedback in some programs. It just builds up all by itself!

    Anyone help?
  18. blingbling87

    blingbling87 TS Rookie

    Realtek problems microphone not working

    This is for all the ppl having problems getting their mic working i couldn't get my new mic to work so i spent all day lookin on forums and a LOT of ppl are having the same problem i eventually solved it my self (by pressing every button i could find lol) to get it to work i opened Realtek HD Audio Manager, under the Audio I/O tab i changed the 6 channel speaker settings to 2 channel and that was it works fine now. when it's set to 6ch it uses the mic port (the pink one) as a center speaker and sub output by changing it 2ch it makes it into a mic port the thing we've all been lookin for. : )

    hope this helps please post this around thanx
  19. Donlemmens

    Donlemmens TS Rookie

    i made an acount on this forum just to say THANK YOU. u have no idea how many hours i'v spend to find a solution to my problem. and this works perfectly.

    again Thank you.
  20. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,524

    Wow 6 members above all with one post only.

    But Donlemmens's post is the best :grinthumb as he just joined to say thanks

    Don't be strangers all of you :)


    and pingusti I see


    Actually I've now noticed a few up there :grinthumb
  21. kalinusa

    kalinusa TS Rookie

    Internal built-in mic problem with Realtek HD on a HP DV6500

    I want to reopen this thread since I have a Realtek mic problem. In short:

    Notebook HP DV6500 (running XP) with built-in Realtek HD. Up to yesterday everything was working perfect. I used a headphone/mic set for just 2 hours. Now the Realtek application claims that my external microphone is still plugged in and the program automatically turns off my internal laptop microphone. I tried plugging it in and out 50 times with no success. I have the latest drivers. I usually do not use the headphone microphone, I only use the built-in laptop mic all the time. But yesterday was an exception. Now when I look into the settings I see the External analog microphone icon selected and when I plug in a real external microphone I do not get a notification of something happening. I have tried installing and uninstalling everything about this driver. Also I turned off the laptop and took out the battery. I have no idea what is happening. Look at the image. I DO NOT HAVE AN EXTERNAL MICROPHONE!!!

  22. netza

    netza TS Rookie

    I bought a new computer in february and have had this problem with the mic since then. The microphone boost didn't even work and nothing else I read about either so I bought a new audio card, but oh my....my computer didn't even want to find it, and now it have taken me all evening to make the Realtek card work again. And well it does now, and the microphone bost too! BUT I get this annoying buzzing sound in my speacers when I have the boost enabled and it dissapears as soon as I disables it. And when I talk with my mic it sounds ****. Is there anything to do about this?
  23. Sun Guru

    Sun Guru TS Rookie

    Hi. Since I bought a new computer I've been having difficulties with my mic. I've tried all of the solutions posted here and still no answer. The mic works fine when I plug it in the back panel and change the Audio I/O to 2 or 4 speakers. In both cases the pink port will be used for the microphone. But the problem is this. I have 6 speakers and I also have the mic and audio (pink and green) ports in the front panel. So when I choose 6 speakers to be used, the pink port in the back will be used for the central speaker and the subwoofer.

    Ok, now I want to use the front panel for my audio and mic. When I enter the mic jack in the pink port I see that the GREEN port is highlighted (as in being used). When I try speaking in the mic Sound Recorder does not get any sound at all. BUT...when I enter the headphone's jack into the green port (while the mic jack is in the pink port) the microphone suddenly starts working....so I think I should be grateful for this but...then some weird stuff starts happening.

    First is in the same Audio I/O tab, the front panel mic (pink) is seen as being in use while the green port is dimmed (as not being in used) while both of them are plugged in. This is not the only weird thing. The second weird thing is that every 3 minutes or so I get a pop up notification from windows that "a jack has been plugged" and 1 sec after "A jack has been unplugged". So for every 3 minutes I get interrupted while speaking because windows suddenly senses that jack has been plugged and unplugged. I thought that this was my older mic, but I bought a new one and it is the same.

    Anyone has same problems? Any idea's what the problem might be?

    If you need any information let me know so I can provide them.

    ps. I saw some very dedicated responses in this thread. Very good ^^
  24. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,524

    It's the front port jack (Hardware) faulty

    It could have dust in it
    It could be not connected to the Motherboard securely (the front ports are physically connected from wires to a connector on the Motherboard)
    or.. The front port is just faulty (Hardware) Although, you should restart, with the Mic and speakers already plugged in, as Windows will pick it up better (more securely)

    If restart, and re-connecting the font Audio plug to the Motherboard, and possibly vacuuming out any dust in the Audio port does not fix the fault...

    Then it must be just a faulty Hardware front port (ie the case) or bad soldering (dry joint) of the wires connecting to it.
  25. Sun Guru

    Sun Guru TS Rookie

    Hi kimsland. Tnx for the response.

    I tried to restart the computer with both jacks inserted and...viola! They are working perfectly. Both are recognized as being inserted and I don't get the pop up anymore about a cable has been plugged/unplugged.

    But when I take them out and insert them again, I start getting the same message :\

    For my work I need to go on TS several times a day and I don't see me restarting my PC 6 times daily. Is there a way to keep it like this?

    If this is a hardware problem, it lies with the mobo or with the case?

    tnx for your response ^^
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