Mic Problem with Realtek HD Audio Input

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Nov 30, 2005
  1. boxer18

    boxer18 TS Rookie

    I had the same problem I start to record with cam studio and it record what is in headphone not sound from michropone.. i done that in Master Volume and all that stuff(Rear Pink in) but I dont know what to do now?? I try with some other recorder but same thing I really dont know what to do plz help??? someone could TW me and help me to sole that plz?
  2. nightblind

    nightblind TS Rookie

    same problem

    Ok i have same thing goin on .. killer feedback when in ventrilo or teamspeak or just in game. it hasn't always done this but it started about almost a year ago. ive done driver updates , all that control panel stuff all the realtek mixer crap, i even muted AND turned off my mic and still the people in vent get the feedback (when i press the button to talk?) { i dont however have same motherboard [ASUS P5N-E SLI NFORCE 650I SLI MB]} Now not only do i have a microphone that sits on my desk i also use a headset that gives me the same problem. i'll try to talk ingame and all they hear is the game but SUPER LOUD or themself if i talk when they do but there is also the feedback noise. i dont know what else to tall yall since alot of these posts have smiler issues but none sofar have helped. So if anyone can help the first poster above and myself it will be greatly appreciated..

    Thank you , Nightblind :wave:
  3. quaidbrown

    quaidbrown TS Rookie

    I uninstalled, reinstalled, rebooted a lot, fiddle, twitched, cried...

    I got it to work.

    If I put the "Recording" slider under Control Panel > Sounds and Audio Devices > Audio > Sound Recording Volume...

    If I put that "recording" slider above about 2.5 ticks it starts warping out and only records really loud sounds. Below that and it works fine. <shrug> <Goes and plays video games again>
  4. patgilman

    patgilman TS Rookie

    Fix !

    I was only able to get sound through the front panel. I fixed this problem by using the "Realtek HD Audio Manager".

    1. Open - Sound Manager
    2. Select - Mixer tab
    3. Under the Playback dial - select the middle (frequency) button.
    4. Select - Multi-streaming playback
  5. quaidbrown

    quaidbrown TS Rookie

    Broken again

    I got it to work for the second time, and it stopped working again. Happens when I reboot I think. I'm just going to buy a sound card. Screw this.
  6. quaidbrown

    quaidbrown TS Rookie

    Fixed it again by muting CD Volume, Line Volume and Stereo Mix on the Recording Control panel. Recording and Mic Volume are not muted.
  7. quaidbrown

    quaidbrown TS Rookie

    It started doing it again. I unmuted and remuted Stereo Mix Line Volume and CD Volume, and it works again.

  8. jdobratz

    jdobratz TS Rookie

    On a roll..

    Windows 7 I HATE YOU. RealTek I hate you MORE

    Any Realtek Audio microphone issues....Device Manager, under Sounds etc, properties for Realtek audio, ROLL back your driver to Microsoft, restart, fixed.

    I joined this forum just to share this new solution. I hope it helps at least one person.

    Good luck.
  9. helpme123

    helpme123 TS Rookie

    Realtek ALC883 is a defective product

    Recent;y bought an ASUS motherboard with an integrated RealTek audio ALC883.

    The outputs on this audio device work just fine, however the inputs do not in any way match the manufacturer's specs. No matter what input you use (mic or line) with a stereo cable or mono cable the audio only comes through as mono.

    It would seem that as most people do not use their sound card inputs for other than a headset for making Syke calls, most people don't notice. You can download drivers and tinker to your heart's content to no avail. Better to stare at a wall and watch the paint dry - at least you won't get frustrated as you will not be expecting something you just bought to work as the manufacturer says it does..

    For me the solution was to disable Realtek and install an old SoundBlaster that I had laying around. SaoundBlaster handles stereo inputs. Realteck does not. End of story.

    Since it is 2010 now and there are posts here from 2006 I presume that Realteck does not have a quality control department and does not care. Best to avoid devices with RealTek stuff in them - the spec sheets and product do not match.
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