Microsoft is redesigning the Windows logo and over 100 other app icons


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New icons? Oh great!
Now they are going to fix the lesser problems like the constant bugs, crashes and slowdowns I would guess...


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Hmm; strange that anyone would assert that an ICON or LOGO would impart
"user friendliness". When working on software implementation(s) we appreciated good GUI and transaction interactions, but user friendliness was always associated with our response to unexpected inputs ( ~80% of the code if you've never been there).

Morphine Child

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Fine and dandy. I have no idea what I could have possibly said that would give you any reason to suspect that they are otherwise. Misanthropy, pessimism, and a very dim view of the human species social structure, are oddly the things which bring me the most reassurance and comfort. Trust me, it's really hard for another to disappoint me. I expect the worse, and more often than not, I'm blessed in full measure with the predictability

In fact, by my standards, I thought my post was rather upbeat and cheerful.

Myself, my cats, and the crack dealers on my street, also wish you , "happy holidays". ;) :laughing:
This cheerful conversation is the most fun I ever had in Techspot comment section.

Happy holidays to you, your cats, crack dealers and everyone else on this site :)


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Calm down guys I was just poking fun at captaincranky. I enjoy the methodical approach to his responses.