Microsoft Surface Duo gets price cut ahead of international rollout

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Editor's take: Microsoft's Surface Duo is finally coming to international markets, but will buyers flock to the foldable? Considering it's been more than 16 months since the device was first shown off to the public, interest could have waned significantly.

Microsoft’s Surface Duo is going global.

The dual-screen, Android-powered smartphone broke cover in late 2019 and launched exclusively in the US in September of last year. Unlike other foldables that rely on flexible (and fragile) plastic displays, Microsoft’s handset is essentially two separate displays sandwiched together with a hinge mechanism. The design is considered far more durable than bendable units but isn’t quite as aesthetically pleasing.

The device also runs Google’s Android 10 operating system rather than a proprietary OS from Microsoft.

Early reviewers found lots of faults with the Surface Duo, chief among them being the $1,399.99 starting price. Microsoft has since addressed this matter by dropping the price of the 128GB model to $999.99 in the US. That’s still in flagship territory, albeit a bit easier to swallow. Should you require more storage, the 256GB variant is now priced at $1,099.99, which is down from $1,499.99.

Starting February 18, the Surface Duo will be available in four new markets: Canada, the United Kingdom, France and Germany. Pricing apparently varies greatly by market so if you’re interested, check your local Microsoft portal for additional details.

Also, if you're in the US and purchase through Best Buy, you can save an additional $50 by activating the phone at the time of purchase.

Image credit: Jack Skeens, Mr. Mikla

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Uncle Al

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While I like their application of the concept I think it's still priced too high. Once they get it down to the $500 level and have it 5G I think it will fly off the shelves. Having that hinge in the middle makes a lot more sense and just isn't that distracting.


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Amazing concept but they really need to work on screen to body ratio and specs. The bezels are ridiculous. Also, with all that room why not get creative with cameras. Very much looking forward to Duo 2.