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Microsoft's virtual reality platform for Windows 10 won't require high-end hardware

By Shawn Knight · 4 replies
Nov 21, 2016
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  1. Microsoft’s upcoming Creators Update for Windows 10 will, among other things, add native support for virtual and augmented reality headsets. The update is still several months out although details are starting to trickle in.

    According to The Verge, the latest test builds of Windows 10 include a Windows Holographic First Run app intended to gauge a machine’s compatibility and readiness as it relates to virtual reality. Having run the app on a variety of machines, it appears as though the minimum requirements are as follows:

    • A processor with at least four cores (including dual-core chips with four threads)
    • At least 4GB of system RAM
    • A graphics card compatible with DirectX 12
    • An undisclosed amount of free disk space
    • USB 3.0 support

    While the requirements are a touch vague at this point, it would appear as though Microsoft’s platform is a bit less demanding than the proprietary software used by the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, respectively. Then again, it’s also not clear as to the level complexity of apps and games that these minimum specs encompass.

    At its Surface Studio event in New York City last month, Microsoft said it was partnering with a number of tech firms including Asus, Dell, HP, Acer and Lenovo on the development of virtual reality headsets that utilize six-degree-of-freedom head tracking.

    More information regarding that collaboration – and perhaps a comprehensive list of minimum and recommended Windows Holographic specs – is expected sometime in December.

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  2. Puiu

    Puiu TS Evangelist Posts: 3,529   +1,988

    I don't think people understand why the Rift and Vive have those requirements. You can use them just fine with much slower PCs, you just won't be able to play the more graphically demanding games.
    The fact that MS is posting "lower requirements" doesn't mean jack.
  3. MilwaukeeMike

    MilwaukeeMike TS Evangelist Posts: 3,160   +1,413

    Which is probably why this line was included in the story ...
  4. Puiu

    Puiu TS Evangelist Posts: 3,529   +1,988

    Yeah, I'm not talking about this article, but in general. There are many that believe that you can't do anything with VR headsets without high end PCs and I think that this is because of the stupid marketing that both Oculus and Valve did for their headsets.
  5. Bubbajim

    Bubbajim TechSpot Staff Posts: 692   +674

    I think my favourite of the listed requirements is: "An undisclosed amount of free disk space". I wouldn't have guessed that one in a million years.


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