Minecraft players create a sprawling, futuristic in-game city inspired by Cyberpunk 2077


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Today, the apparently-endless ingenuity of Minecraft's players has been put on display yet again, courtesy of one particularly-impressive in-game build: a massive, sprawling city with a decidedly cyberpunk aesthetic.

You'll see hover cars, neon-lit skyscrapers, complex streets, "holographic" (colored glass) figures, and plenty of other fun little touches. Just imagine what the city might look like with Minecraft's future RTX implementation up and running.

This build was put together by Minecraft player and YouTuber Elysium Fire (as well as several partners), and it's not the first time they've attempted such an ambitious project. In the past, the individual has constructed enormous spaceships, highly-detailed fantasy lands, medieval castles, and even an impressive steampunk environment in the block-based building game.

Elysium Fire's latest project seems like it might have been the most challenging of them all, though. As you might be aware, Minecraft's building systems are... restrictive, to say the least.

Even with third-party mods to smooth out the process, you're still essentially working with simple cubes of varying colors and textures, and they must align with an invisible grid. With these constraints in mind, it's all the more impressive to see Elysium Fire put together such a lifelike (relatively speaking) and believable cyberpunk city.

Followers of CD Projekt Red's upcoming open-world RPG Cyberpunk 2077 may notice some striking similarities between Elysium Fire's build and the game's setting of "Night City." While these similarities are intentional (Night City was a big inspiration for the build), Elysium Fire used plenty of their own ideas to bring this creation to life. After all, 2077 is still several months from release, so it wouldn't have been possible to replicate Night City perfectly in the first place.

With that said, the builder has more faithfully recreated a different city from one of CD Projekt Red's games: Novigrad, the capital of The Witcher 3's dreary swampland known as Velen. You can see a timelapse of that build right here.

If you want to explore Elysium Fire's latest futuristic world in Minecraft for yourself, you'll be able to download it "soon." We'll update this article with the appropriate link when it arrives. For more details about the project (including a backstory) or additional images, check out its dedicated Planet Minecraft page.

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WTF?! I'm almost at a loss for words. You wouldn't even believe it was Minecraft until about the halfway point in the video when the camera goes in close through the city. Impressive! That must have took billions of blocks.
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The blocks that really make this build pop are End Rods, Colored Glass and Sea Lanterns. With a lot of help from Minecraft's indifference to gravity. I wish I had the creativity and skill OK, time and patience to do these things...


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Wow. Very impressive. Hard to believe this is a "game" although I'd say Minecraft is more than a game. It's virtual Legos. I as a kid LOVED building things with my multitude of Lego sets I had. Heck, before there was even Star Wars kits, I was building things like Tie Fighters and X-Wings with my Lego sets. I even crafted Han Solo's laser pistol at one point. I didn't have all the correct colors, but for me, it didn't matter. I used what I had to build the things I loved in Star Wars. This is very impressive what they have done. I had enough problems just building a house in Minecraft. lol!

So I would assume with all the mods they must have used, this was the Java-based Minecraft? I was lucky enough when Windows 10 first came out to grab a copy of the Windows 10 Minecraft (aka Minecraft PE) for free so I have both, but I find myself always going back to the Java version just because I'm used to the crafting in that.

Congrats to the builders of this impressive environment.
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I'm going to assume this wasn't done completely by hand but additionally via an SDK? I know you can program Python scripts and to build structures and such. Is that how people do these sprawling landscapes like this? This looks like it would have taken YEARS to do by hand (mouse and keyboard).