Mini PC market heats up with the launch of BeagleBone Black

Shawn Knight

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We’ve seen no shortage of low-powered, low-cost mini PCs hit the market since Raspberry Pi made waves a year ago. The latest entrant is the new BeagleBone Black, a single board computer that packs even more processing power than the...

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Texas Instruments has been playing the catch up game with Raspberry Pi ever since the latter came to the market, and this is the first attempt by TI in taking a real stab at it.

But let's face it, for the same extra money you could get the same extra performance and extensions from Raspberry Pi. A good question - do you really need them?

Look at the market where Raspberry Pi made killing - a good list of non-profit organizations, and that's after all the commercial applications. Do you really think that non-commercial organizations care more for a faster CPU so they can educate one kid with it instead of two as with Raspberry Pi? I don't think so.

Price in this segment is everything. It is nice seeing the competition in this segment though!