Minidump files/ BSOD at random times

By thebestyougot
Jan 7, 2009
  1. Sony Vaio
    Windows XP SP3
    1Gig Ram
    Has been causing some trouble with random reboots for some time. Then I reset it so the BSOD would come up when it rebooted. Had been having trouble with internet, and one BSOD mentioned modem somewhere. I reinstalled the drivers, and internet works better. The sound quit working, so a friend pulled the soundcard (remarked on it being a really, really nice one, and it's almost new);installed a used one and it provides sound. There have been at least 1 to 3 BSOD's every day since it was installed, and none since the 18th of Dec. before hand.
    Before I pull my hair out, please provide me with some sanity. I'm not that great with the innards of a computer, and could sure use some simplified instrutions!
    BTW, virus scans have come back clean while running AVAST. Spyware checks with Spybot come back clean.
  2. thebestyougot

    thebestyougot TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well, I think I figured out part of my own problem. The sound card that was in there was causing the system crashes, and appearently the other one is really bad. Now, what of the new sound card would be causing the problem? Would it just be that the drivers are incompatible, or is it the card itself?
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