Missing MP3's is it viral activity

By Ididmyc600
Sep 30, 2007
  1. As the thread title suggests, I did have up to just recently a large collection of both MP3 and WMA files on my server, which are now gone.

    I'll explain the layout then you can make suggestions.

    The server has several 80GB drives, each one holds various folders, such as music, films, shared items, my private stuff, ghost backups, etc etc.

    The various folders are shared as "music", "pictures" etc etc and my 4 kids all have read/write access to the folders

    The missing Music files share a drive with the pictures collection and films that I have downloaded or created from video, these are still there and havent been deleted.

    The music folder itself is sub foldered in to 28 different folders, from A-Z and one for videos and a "to be sorted" folder, there is also a folder in the "A" folder titles "all albums" with as you can guess complete albums.

    Now to delete the files a user would have to go into each folder and delete every file, then move on to the next folder

    The kids wouldn't do this as most of the music is/has been downloaded by them and goes back over a number of years.

    This could be acheived by running a DOS box and issueing the command
    Del *.mp3 /s inside the music folder, however none of my kids have a grasp of DOS or what it can do.

    So does anyone know if this is viral activity or some kind of payback by the music industry .

    Thank god I backed up the music folder to an external HD not to long ago.

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