Missing stuff/trails in games

By joot7
Feb 9, 2005
  1. I seem to be missing textures or objects in games. I have the latest drivers for my video card, chipset and directx9. I’ve set the nVidia settings in as many different combinations I can think of i.e.- antialiasing & anisotropic from application controlled to 2 or 4, quality, performance vs. quality blah blah blah. Checked agp mode and aperture settings in bios.Specifically, in 007 nightfire any backgrounds like snow or clouds kind of stay on the screen and smear or leave “trails”. If I’m in a room there’s usually no problem except my gun disappearing from my hands occasionally.With Madden 2005 it plays perfectly with no jitter even at highest settings, my kick meter shows up, but the directional/altitude meter is non-existent. Also, between plays sometimes there are visible players on the bench with a clipboard hovering in the air in their faces I suspect is supposed to have a screaming coach attached to it.In Halo (first one) the environment is there, but there’s no characters at all. I can see laser shots, but not the persons shooting them.In Simpsons Hit and Run it’s totally crazy looking, occasional plants and sidewalk squares, no characters can see car.I ran directx troubleshooter with no problems, box spun around and all.Can some one PLEASE tell me what is causing this? Could I have some kind of Windows conflict/problem causing this? I realize I don’t have some badass gaming computer, but it exceeds min. requirements on these games and I have seen them all run on even slower comps. than mine. What are these missing items called and generated or controlled by? Thanks in advance, joot7 !I am running: 1.4gig athlon, winxp, 512ram, GeForce MX 4000 128mb vid
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