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mobo/cpu won't start

By mrmadowl
Nov 25, 2006
  1. hey,
    I have a motherboard that is several years old and I am trying to put a processor on it. When I power the computer on without any CPU or RAM the fans start up and everything...but of course the computer doesen't start. When I put my CPU in and plug in the CPU fan and push the power button...absolutely NOTHING happens...no flicker of fans or anything. The motherboard light is on, but is dead ONLY when there is a CPU on it. Think it is my CPU? I heard somewhere that even if the CPU was dead that the fans would run? Any Ideas? I am absolutely positive the RAM is good because it is on my current PC and used to be on that board.
    Thanks in advance.

    Motherboard=Abit NF7-S (Socket A)
    CPU=AMD Athlon 2500+ (Socket A)
    PSU is 300W
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