Modem Dropping out

By edmundking2002
Jul 27, 2006
  1. I have a Very Tempermental BT Voyager 105 Modem, it will work fine for months on end then have a epileptic fit, it drops out every 5 minuites or so, this is signaled by a flashing in the DSL light.

    At first i put up with it as i wasnt particularly bothered writing my e-mails offline. But for several months now i've taken up World Of Warcraft (MMORPG)
    and this connection issue is driving me crazy, i cant do anything. I've renewed some wiring in my house as it was pointed out to me by an electrician that it was very old and this may be the cause of my problems, but this hasnt helped at all.
    I have no experience with Modems and i was hoping someone could suggest some reasons for the line being droped.

    my ideas were:
    • faulty modem / filter
    • faulty telephone line
    • enviromental effects such as heat / rain
    • and having no idea about the goings on of the internet- maybe the server is full and some one gets squeezed out when another tries to get in

    TY for any help.
  2. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,158   +986

    The BT Voyager 105 Modem is an ADSL device with USB connection to the host.
    I assume this is a standalone system (ie: only one computer and no router).

    1) there is an update for the device at ISO Mode Update

    2) Being ADSL, the device uses your telco wiring for transmission/reception.
    Disconnect every phone at the wall plate and see if your symptoms are repeatable.
    If the problem disappears, you need better filters and be sure to install one
    on every device on the telco circuit.

    3) the telco wires run long distances and act as a antenna for hi-freq stuff.
    ADSL (and the old dial-up) communications is susceptible to this interference
    and there's nothing that can be done. It may be stable for days or weeks and
    then suddenly freakout every 2 minutes.
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