Modem, No Dialtone

By LiLNoodles
Mar 18, 2009
  1. I have a Conexant D110 MDC v.9x internal modem on my Dell laptop. I've never used it for anything so far. I'd like to be able to have it automatically dial prospect numbers in Act!

    When I try to use it, I get no dial tone. The cables plugged into the appropriate places, and I don't have digital telephone service.

    The port speed is 57600 and the Data Protocol: Standard EC.

    When I query the modem it seems to respond properly. I just don't get a dial tone and then the modem hangs up on me. I can hear the hangup through the speakers.

    According to the OS (Windows XP) I have the right driver for it.

    Is there anything on the forum that can help me, or can I be directed to a site that will?

    Attached is a query log.

  2. Tedster

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    you may need to command it to turn on external speaker mode and on hook mode.

    digital phone service would not be applicable in this case - so you're ok. It''s an analog phone.

    This is really old school for me so I am having a hard time remembering. google hayes modem commands :

    those old phone modems are still useful for faxing. I had one hooked into my vonage line at one time to fax stuff.

    read here too:
  3. LiLNoodles

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    I'm pretty sure the speaker is working. The modem tries to connect, but since it gets no dial tone, it disconnects.

    I'll probably have to call Dell (the OEM) even though it's past warranty.

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