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Jan 3, 2007
  1. Hey, guys. I have this modem in my computer that normally output to it's own internal speaker. Yet, with a simple driver update, the modem noise outputs to my external PC speakers. How is this possible? I don't want to turn it off, I just want to know how it is possible. Thanks for the help!
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    It would be helpful if you could give to the members of this forum more info as to the make of your modem and the configuration of your PC.
    A simple suggestion is to change the driver or rollback to the previous driver if you are using WinXP.
    If, by rolling back to your previous driver, you notice a noise improvement then you must have chosen the wrong driver for your modem.
    Check carefully the make of your modem and seek another driver.
    You must also establish whether you modem is a hardware one or a software-emulator modem. This plays also a role in the correct choice of the driver.
    I hope the above is of help to you. Good luck
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    Ok, what I meant to say was "How is it possible for a modem to output its connection noise to the soundcard?" I have a Agere 56K modem (connected to the PCI slot), and the config is in my profile, System #1. All I wanted to know is how the modem can output its noise to the soundcard know that connection noise thing when the modem first dials in....this isn't a problem, It's sort of like "How does that work?"
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    oo.. dial up modems.. been a while since i used them..

    had one that use the same chipset as yours, i think there is an option or a checkbox in one of the properties/config windows that routes the sound to the PC speakers

    or it could be under the Volume/Sound Properties thing..

    As for how it works, its just like any other device sending sound through to the speakers - electronic signals sent through the mobo to the sound card chipset (with windows OS somewhere in the mix) then out to the cable to your speakers..

    Think about a tv tuner card or a dedicated audio capture card.. same type of thing...
  5. greatman05

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    There's probably a cable between your modem and your soundcard.Removing this will force any sound to the modems own speaker.
    With the cable installed, if/when you update(d) your sound driver, it could have activated the modem-to-soundcard connection.
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    I'll check for that...didn't even know that was possible...
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