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Apr 5, 2010
  1. ok so here it is:

    i've had a westell 6100 modem/router with a netgear router for some time, but im now facing some issues since i've switched routers to a trendnet 652. Although i have att, i found some guides for that same modem but for verizon. so, what i was told to do was to disable the DHCP on the modem, and swtich the modem to BRIDGED instead of PPPoE. I then set the router to PPPoE and left its DHCP on. Thing is, i seem to have internet with a ethernet cable coming from the router rather that with the wireless broadcast. any ideas about what could be going on?:suspiciou
  2. brucethetech

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    disabling dhcp on the modem will probably not fix your issue and you cant switch to bridged mode on the router and have dhcp disabled on the modem otherwise you wont get any connection unless you have set a static ip. connect up to the internet on the wire and run an ipconfig and find out which router is currently serving you internet connection.this will make it a little easier. everything SHOULD have worked fine with all of the default settings (DHCP on both devices). what happens when you use everything with default settings?
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    i reset everything back to factory settings, and the only thing that i did to the modem was put it on bridge mode. then on the router i enabled PPPoE, and disabled WPA2 since somehow it was interfering with my wireless. i turned on the WPA, and it worked flawlessly the whole day yesterday, but now its acting up again.:dead: i get local access only and no internet.
  4. elpibebz

    elpibebz TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ok, i've been testing it this morning, and its definitely the wpa and wpa2. any ideas on how to fix it?
  5. jobeard

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    symptoms of firmware update necessary in the router
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