Moniter Help Needed..URGENT

By alain
Aug 19, 2005
  1. Hey there.
    I got this new computer, a heck of a computer you might say.
    It's incredible.
    But anyways, yesterday I decided to play around with the resolution , to see if any other resolution looked good on the screen.
    ( The original resolution was something around : 1024 x 768..It was probably more/less...but you get the idea. )
    Well, there was an icon at the bottom right of the screen...beside the Norton icon and Msn icon.
    It said "ATI" in red writing. I clicked on it to see what it was ( it had been there since I bought the computer ) and a little menu popped up above it , with a list of resolution in pixels for the moniter. The resolution I was on had a little black check beside it. Anyhow , I click on the 1290 x 1068 to see how it looked. And BAM. The screen went black. I was forced to shut off the computer and restart it. I was seeing everything up until the welcome screen where you write write the password for the account you are willing to use. I chose my account , typed in the password and hit enter.
    Everything went black again.
    Basically, I can never get to my desktop without the moniter blacking out.
    I have a feeling the resolution change might have been a factor..and again being a good computer, this computer has a neat feature : When you hit the power button on the tower , the computer doesn't just shut shuts down properly saving all your settings when i hit it I see the black screen for a few seconds then I get the blue screen that says " Windows is saving your settings....Shutting down...It is safe now to turn off your computer"
    Basically I can see anything except for the desktop..please help, this is urgent. Thanks !

    Ps-- From time to time it says " Signal out of range...if that helps.
  2. mailpup

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    Your monitor or card probably doesn't support that resolution. Perhaps you can reboot and start up in safe mode. Once in safe mode you might be able to go to the ATI control panel and change your resolution back. If that doesn't work, going back to safe mode uninstall your graphics driver, restart and reinstall your graphics driver.

    I'm sure this has happened to others before and there may be a standard fix but this is what I could think of at the moment.
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