Monitor no longer detected on machines running 7 or XP

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Nov 22, 2009
  1. Hello,

    I have three computers connected with a KVM switch. They share a 22 inch Acer monitor that is no longer being detected by two machines running WIn 7 (one 32-bit, one 64-bit) nor by a machine running XP. I have a 19 inch monitor that is detected correctly when I swap it in on the KVM switch. The 22 inch monitor is not detected whether it is connect to the machines directly or through the KVM swtich. The 22 inch monitor used to be detected as an AL2216W and is only recognised as a non-PnP monitor with generic resolutions available. Has any one seen a monitor fail in this way? The display seems vivid and is now running at 1600x1200 on the Win7 machines but cannot be run higher than 1024x768 on the XP machine (an older notebook with Intel mobile graphics.) My issue is that the monitor may be failing, and that the native resolution (the one where the fonts are sharpest) of 1680x1050 can no longer be accessed. On one of the machines with an ASUS P5N-D mobo I have updated the video and chipset drivers to the latest ones. Looking for ideas; I haven't seen this problem before, please let me know if you have.

  2. raybay

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    The failure is not uncommon. It is the manufacturing fault of the Acer, and Acer will not help you.
    When it is "worn out" it has reached the end of its useful product live. Acer warranties it for a year, but you pay shipping, and it takes quite a while to get it back. If older Acer, parts are not available, and it will be trouble when you find them.
    The KVM switch is not part of the problem, in our experience.
    Yes this is typical with a lot of Acer 19 inches that are more than 18 months old.
  3. cgrue

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    Monitor is again detected

    I have to unplug the monitor, power it down, then plug it in again. Once I had donr that the monitor is detected by the computers again. Resetting hte monitor did not help. It had to be unplugged.
  4. raybay

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    How about another message in a couple of weeks if it remains working well.

  5. cgrue

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    Sure, I will post in a couple of weeks and let you know if it's still working. I have never had to power off a monitor before. I am not sure how it got into the state it was in, but I'll post back a status on it.

  6. Tedster

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    There are tons of display driver issues with Windows 7. Especially with intel based chips. I finally had to give up on my old laptop and re-install XP. Intel apparently is not supporting 7 with older chipsets. Too bad, because I really liked 7 and it is faster than XP on older systems.
  7. cgrue

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    Monitor and Win7 are still getting along OK. Resetting the monitor seems to have cleared up some issue that prevented it from posting back good info to the OS. I haven't had to reset it since a couple of weeks ago. All three os the machines KVM-ed to this monitor are working with it. "knock, knock on wood"

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