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By Loui
Jul 8, 2008
  1. Well, recently i didn't touch my computer at all.. everything was working good. Then one night, i was on ventrilo talking to my clan. Then my mic stops working :confused: So then, i go and check if it works on my brothers computer, and it does ! So i run back to mine, make sure it is plugged in right, check the settings on the volume, control panel.. make sure the mic is on.. i even try it on the voice recorder, and still! doesnt work! so i dont have a mic for a day or two. Then later i look inside my computer, and unplugged some blue things that were on these spikey things, and put this old part that has an audio and microphone port, it didn't work so i unplugged it. Next thing you know.. my audio goes down. I turn off my computer, i plug the little blue things back on and then my audio on one speaker goes on. I go back.. plug them in different places.. then my audio works and one speaker. So i try once more and it detected everything! exept for my dvd drive :/.. so i turn off my computer after my clan scrim, and go back and try and fix it. But then, everything quit displaying on my monitor. I know it isnt the monitor cause iv tried 2, i even tried 2 video cards.. So i am not sure.. iv even plugged everything back to normal. Any suggestions?
    sorry if the typing is alittle odd, im on a labtop :S
  2. Loui

    Loui TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Nevermind i fried my motherboard :S
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