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By sublime90
May 8, 2010
  1. i have a Samsung SyncMaster 932BW monitor and recently it started messing up on me, what its doing it giving me a black screen and the blue power light is just flashing on and off and i can hear it making a small "whirring" noise. heres my question, should i take it apart and try to figure out what capacitors if any need replacing, basically try repairing it myself.......or buy the correct cables and hook my PC to my Samsung 32' LCD HDTV? and i want to know if its safe to even use my TV as a new PC monitor. i see a lot of people have said its only good to use your TV as a monitor for games and movies and not for surfing the web and regular internet stuff, is that true? i use the internet a lot! so if it really is bad for the TV i wont even bother.
  2. Route44

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    NO! Please don't open up your monitor and try to fix it. I just had an old Samsung SyncMaster CRT go on me and I looked into what it would take to repair and the first thing you need to know that even if they are unplugged for some time they still hold a charge.

    I can't answer you concerning using your TV as a monitor. Where is this "whirring" sound coming from?
  3. sublime90

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    sorry for such a long wait for a response. it sounds like the whirring noise is coming from the power button area. i wonder how much it would cost to have it repaired. i dont have any pc repair places around here.
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