Monitor reads "no signal" with my radeon 9600 se

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Mar 10, 2005
  1. Hi, I'm new to these forums and I have a problem booting up my computer with my new graphics card. My monitor reads no signal when connected to the card. When plugged into the back of the pc, it just stays black. When I take the card out and start up my computer everything works fine.

    I have a ATI Radeon 9600 SE 128 mb card (the low profile type) AGP. I'm running windows xp with service pack 2 and my PC has a pentium 4 w/512 mb of ram. The monitoir is a flat panel lcd with a vga connector. I haven't been able to get a picture with the card in place, so I haven't even got to installing the drivers yet or anything. My computer came with an integrated intel graphics controller, and this is the first graphics card I have tried installing. Any ideas why my computer is doing this would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. AdrianScotter

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    I know this may sound silly, but I've done it a few times myself, have you checked to make sure you've plugged your monitor into the correct video card? If you have, try plugging into the built in video card and making sure the 2nd video card is enabled. RIght click desktop, properties, settings, advanced and have a look through there.
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    Did you disable your integrated graphics? If you plug the monitor into the integrated graphics port while the video card is inserted and boot up, do you get an image then?
  4. Robteam70

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    I've tried hooking my monitor up to the integrated graphics card and I get a black screen, and when it is hooked into my ati card there is no signal. So with the second card installed i have no screen, and no way of checking for drivers or checking to see if it is enabled. The only way I can use my computer is when I remove the ati graphics card altogether.

    I did try disabling my integrated graphics, and I get the same thing, no signal on the monitor when it is plugged into the ati card. For some reason I just can't get a monitor signal through the new card. I'm baffled.
  5. Robteam70

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    Oh I have another question. Does anyone know the power requirement for this card? I got the crappiest little manual with the card and it does not say the minimum power requirement anywhere. I just found out that I only have a 180 watt power supply for some reason - maybe cause it's a micro tower with only about 2 pci slot and one agp. Maybe this is why it doesen't work? I think I might need more wattage.
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