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Oct 14, 2007
  1. I am trying to monitor CPU temperature of this Celeron M 340 (1.5 GHz) on a Toshiba Satellite notebook. I have tried the lastest versions of Notebook Hardware Control, Speedfan, MobileMeter, Everest Home Edition, and RM Clock Utility as well as Samurai (sp?). None of them worked because of presumably the older MB and intel processor. Does anyone have an older version of software which can monitor the temperature of a Celeron M on a Toshiba? Any suggestion? Thanks in advance.
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    Thanks Lucan, I have tried this version and nhc ver 1.3-1.10 (skipped ver 1.4 cuz the site told me it had a huge bug). I found that from 1.5 to 1.7 I can actually see the CPU voltage. The interesting thingy is that the multiplier menu for the voltage control is 15x for all of them. I am not sure if this is normal for the celeron M that it only has one FID.

    Luckily I tried hmonitor and it took the temperature of the CPU but couldn't get any voltage out of it. LOL. I was basically trying to lower the voltage but I think the singular FID at 15x for all of them makes a bit suspicious to use the software. I think I probably can drop from 1.353 V (present) to
    1.235 V without affecting the stability but I just don't trust the software of the older version of NHC since it only shows one setting for FID.
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    I doubt your processor is overheating. I have the same setup. I have used my rig in Iraq where the outside temp was 127F plus. It's a very hardy system.
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    So what do you think my shutdown problem is related to? Just curious.
    Thanks for the input.
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    check your ram, your drivers, and your power supply.
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    Thnx, I will swap out the RAM and see if it changes anything.
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