Monitor works with one PC but not another

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Feb 9, 2012
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  1. Hi's to all.. am here in hopes I can get an idea for what might be happening. The monitor currently in use here working fine with a DELL pc.. Am puzzled over what is happening. With an atttempt to s simply connect this monitor to another pc it is not responding.. works with one but not the other??? Scratch my head.... the pc it is not working with has no OES. have win 7 to install in it.. The cable has a tight connection fit on both pc's.. Just got this pc back from a tech who had it hooked up to his monitor.. what could I look at to troubleshoot
  2. Buckshot420

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    do you have a dedicated graphics card on the new computer? If so, make sure you are plugging the monitor into the correct one.
  3. igsterpop07

    igsterpop07 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    No new graphichs

    No that is not it... is actually a pretty Old School" set up.Had a friend but togther like four yrs ago. Is copied after a Alienware unit.. to plug in is pretty much with your eyes shut sort of thing. Actually a friend of mine, looking at it..He told me when in his house he connected to his TV screen and it was fine... here with 2 different moniters, it does not communicate at all. Saw a partial screen display when I did a total pwr down reboot.. when it got to win... then it frooze and would go no further. yes am totally stumped,,,
  4. Tmagic650

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    What kind of monitor is it? A CRT or LCD model? The Windows 7 computer could be putting out the wrong resolution initially or refresh rate for the monitor
  5. igsterpop07

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    win 7 and monitor

    Hey THANKS... is a CRT have never had an issue as such before.. Is win 7 seriously the sort of program that would require this? have yet to come into a a situation like this..Have egg on my face already what exactly then would I need do to reset/
  6. fimbles

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    Dont old school dells come with a Proprietary socket of some sort?

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