Monitoring Utility for board, cpu temps etc?

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Apr 15, 2008
  1. This is on my new/used hp nc8230 laptop,
    latest FF, XP Pro sp2.

    My desktop with Asus board has a nice little utility
    that monitors temps, RAM usage, fan speeds, etc.

    I'm sure there's something comparable for a laptop?


    OH - how do I get that to start automatically when I boot
    and make it show a small icon in that small tray at the
    very bottom right of the screen? (What's that "tray"
    called?) FWIK I have to go into msconfig, but then what
    (IF that's the right place to go).
  2. Matthew

    Matthew TechSpot Staff Posts: 5,333   +101

    You can try SpeedFan but I've had iffy luck with it, especially with laptops. The plus side is that it's free, so there's no loss if you don't like it :). There is definitely an option to run certain sensor monitors in your system tray with that just read the Help file that comes with it.

    To load it on startup copy and paste the .exe to C:\Documents and Settings\*Your Account Name Here*\Start Menu\Programs\Startup.
  3. drjulian

    drjulian TS Rookie Posts: 44

    To Zenosincks/Macx I found "Intel Desktop Utilities" (free) a useful monitor,don't know if it works on laptops.......Don
  4. macx

    macx TS Evangelist Topic Starter Posts: 718

    Once again - Mr Z to the rescue!
    You're a busy boy tonite! :)

    It's obviously not a critical must have, but I'm kind
    of anal about knowing how my machine is doing -
    (I'm the same way with my hot rods ;-)) - I research
    everything to death, but I have learned a thing or 2
    in the process.

    Bottom line, probly not a whole lot that can be
    achieved with the info anyway, but I have done
    things such as get a laptop stand to get it off the
    desk surface which supposedly aids in cooling -
    not to mention it's "ergonomically correct" now ;-)
    (Side note - my last employer required I go thru their
    CBT on ergonomics, but then I had to buy my own
    laptop stand to comply with their training (!)

    And thanks (again) for the info on how to get something
    into that startup bar - that note I will save - (I'm forgetful
    specially about things I don't use very often)

    And Don - thanks for that tip, too. Now I've got 2
    options to try if one of them doesn't work well.
  5. Matthew

    Matthew TechSpot Staff Posts: 5,333   +101

    I know what you mean about being anal with your devices :).

    Meh, there isn't much reason to monitor the temperatures of your PC unless you're overclocking or you are having an issue which is potentially the result of overheating.

    If you're interested in "shopping around" for some applications that will report temperatures and such, take a look at's search results for "cpu temperature" (already filtered for free licenses).

    I'm at work, trying to kill some time.
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