More RAM = better?

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Feb 8, 2013
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  1. I have 8 GB of Ram on my computer right now but I have another 6 gb just lying here. Should I add them? will it make a diffrence?
  2. MrBlkfx1

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    No, you probably wont see much of a difference. Unless you use a lot of programs that consumes massive amounts of RAM. For most people, 8GB is more then they will ever need / use.
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  3. Quentin

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  4. oscar1987

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    correct, if you need more speed I would look into upgrading your processor if possible
  5. compfixing

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    My laptop only has 2GB of RAM. And I never really thought of buying a new RAM because it works fine right now.. Oh guess what? I'm a computer geek, that sucks being a poor kid.
  6. captaincranky

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    I'm not getting why it's such a big mystery, "how much RAM", somebody needs in their computer..:confused:

    Launch "Task Manager", then open and run the programs you normally do.

    If task manager says you still have, "available RAM", you don't need more. It's that simple.

    That pretty much depends on the OS in the laptop. If it's XP 32 bit, more than 2GB RAM generally makes matters worse.

    Now that depends. If this is an old Intel socket, you may not be able to, "upgrade the CPU", since it's getting tough to find older numbers.

    Also, if you just bump up a number in the same series, (IE: i3-530 to i3-540), the 10% increase in clock speed will net you close to squat in terms of everyday performance.

    If the issue is, "gaming performance", then oftentimes you can get the most needed gains, by getting a better video card.

    If the issue is, "CPU bottle necking", then either overclock the CPU already in there, or throw the box away and build another one.
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  7. hahahanoobs

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    Actually, if you wan't to see how much RAM you've been using (not currently using), you want to run a couple games and/or resource intensive programs, then quit/minimize and go to your task manager and look for Commit Charge/Committed memory. If the number before the slash is greater than the one after or is very close to the one after, then you would benefit from the upgrade.

    Alternatively, you could if you wanted, install the other 6GB and use it as a RAM Disk, but I would personally only install it in any case, if ALL the modules were the same spec. ie: clock speed and timings.
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