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By aajvs99 · 4 replies
Mar 24, 2005
  1. I am thinking of upgrading my motherboard, processer, and memory but i am limited on the amount of money to about $200. I am looking for just about anything. Any comments would be appreciated
  2. Phantasm66

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    I dunno about US prices, but assuming that probably gets you about £150 pounds worth of stuff (exchange rates don't apply with hardware, I think, US is cheaper) I would imagine that you will get SOMETHING for that. Probably a Duron or Celeron with some kind of cheap mobo and 256MB RAM. I dunno, maybe I am being stupid because I don't know US prices, but I have bought a motherboard chip and RAM for about that here, but it was low end kit, believe me.

    You will probably be looking at 256MB RAM, some jetway mobo, and with that you MAY be able to stretch to an OK processor like a better Semperon, Celeron or you MIGHT even get a low end AMD 64 cpu. Try to get a good CPU if you can, because you could always upgrade memory and then finally motherboard after that in later stages. If you are on a budget (which I well remember being on, believe me) then try to think long term. This is not the first upgrade you will be getting, so try to plan it that way.

    Someone here who actually lives in your country will be able to tell you better, but I am sure you will get SOMETHING for that.
  3. vnf4ultra

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    Really? Best to get a good cpu? I've always been told get a good mobo, then you can upgrade to a better cpu and ram later, and not have to worry about reinstalling windows if you'd switch mobos.
  4. vnf4ultra

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    I found a few setups for less than $200. These are just general ideas.

    1. Chaintech, Nforce2 socket A, 512mb ram pqi, a xp 2800+ barton Price ~$187
    This mobo
    this ram
    this cpu

    2. Chaintech nforce 2 socket A, 512mb cheap ram, 3000+barton axp. ~$204
    Cheapo ram
    3000+ barton this cpu would need a cooler, it's oem, so that would need to be added.
    same mobo as 1.

    3. Asus via socket A, 512mb pqi ram, a xp 2800+ ~$199
    Asus mobo
    ram and cpu same as 1.

    So, you can get a decent mobo, ram, and cpu for ~$200. You'd get agp 8x support, a 2800-3000 a xp cpu, and 512mb stick of ram. That would be a decent system that would be a good bit of performance for the price.
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    Alright thanks everybody!! :approve:
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