Motherboard issues

By methodski
Nov 27, 2005
  1. I have had a dell inspiron 5150 notebook for about 2 years now,it worked great up untill 2 weeks ago. i would type on it and it would shut down at random times. it would shut down when i tilted it or moeved it or pressed to hard on the cae while typing. i completely disassembled it then reassembled it. problem persisted. i had it plugged into the wall and on battery power, issue persisted both ways. i took it out of the case and had basically the motherboard with hard drive cooling unit processors and monitor (everything needed to successfully turn it on) plug together, turned it on it worked fine till i tiled the mother board, it then shut off.

    I also reformatted the hard drive and reinstalled XP to no avail.

    so..from what i have been reading and what i finally decided was the issue was the mother board is bad.....but....i have been finding motherboards for this laptop on ebay for $200+, i dont want to spend that much considering I just bought a new Toshiba Qosmio F25 or whatever. i just need a working extra computer, the motherboard in the dell is a Intel Montara-PM i852PM i believe, and i think it has a phoenix something bios. if anyone could tell me if any other motherboard would be compatible or where i could find an in expensive one that would be greatly appreciated. i heard maybe a dell 1150 motherboard might clueless....i need a cheap way to fix this so my neise and nephew can play on it.
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