Moto G family gets two new variants for 2020, now up for pre-order


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Motorola doesn't seem to have cut too many corners with the G Power and G Stylus, both of which are powered by Snapdragon's mid-range 665 SoC, 4GB of RAM, feature gigantic 6.4-inch 2300 x 1080 IPS displays with 16MP hole-punch selfie cameras, and run Android 10 out of the box.

They are, however, aimed at slightly different buyers of affordable smartphones, as the more expensive $300 G Stylus comes with a Samsung Galaxy Note-like onboard pen and a quad-camera setup on the back assisted by laser autofocus. Aspiring smartphone photographers on a budget will also appreciate the 128GB of in-built storage that's further expandable via microSD (up to 512GB).

The $250 G Power, on the other hand, has a triple-camera system on the back and comes with an impressive 5,000mAh battery, which is 1,000mAh more than the G Stylus and can last up to 3 days on a single charge. The phone's 64GB of inbuilt storage is half that of the G Stylus, but microSD expansion is supported here as well.

Other conveniences, like the logo embedded fingerprint scanner, USB-C connectivity, 10W fast charging, and 3.5mm headphone jack are also present on both devices, with NFC being a notable omission.

In terms of software, buyers should expect to remain on Android 10 for quite some time as Motorola's is pretty slow with OS updates that are usually several months behind official Android releases. Security updates, however, are pushed more regularly so the devices should fare better in day to day use.

Pre-orders for the unlocked versions of both phones are now live with shipments expected in mid-April.

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Jeff Schmidt

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Pretty good specs for $250 or $300. Android updates are so hard to get unless you get a flagship phone. And usually that is only 2-3 android version updates max. But a good thing is that there is less and less must have features added to any full os versions anymore that updates aren't as import as they were.


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Noooo .... I've been using them for years and have had several updates, but they are God Awful slow about it! LOL
Yessss.... I've (apparently) been using them for more years and have had several updates - SECURITY UPDATES. Just standard, plain Android security updates. No regular feature updates. As MasterMace pointed out, most Motorola phones get 1 major feature update (e.g Android 9 - 10 etc).Its easy enough to search and found out the update history. And Motorola are particularly slow in comparison to others. That is with major feature updates. They do have a tendency to continue security updates. Proven by the G5S+ a very old phone. Still gets security updates until recently oddly enough.