Motorola Droid Xyboard 10.1 & 8.2 Android Tablets Reviewed

By Julio Franco · 11 replies
Dec 16, 2011
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  1. When are these companies going to learn that the iPad dominates in this price range and that if they want to compete, they have to come up with something that's REALLY compelling to buy over an iPad (which nothing has been so far), or at a much cheaper price point?

    Seriously, every tablet that's tried to go head to head with the iPad has failed miserably and ended up costing the companies a crapload of money. Then Motorola decides to come out with a tablet running Honeycomb @ $529.99. WTF were they thinking?!?!?
  2. ICS or no sale.
  3. aspleme

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  4. Julio Franco

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    @aspleme, I generally agree with those figures and how cost affects adoption, but it's just now that we're seeing really fast cellular data speeds (the point of the review commentary). The plans are also awful for the most part, but it's also quite possible that the $500 iPad which is Wi-Fi only skews results to an extent considering it's by far the most popular tablet out there.
  5. Looks nice actually. This alone is proof that all tablets don't have to be designed like the iPad *cough*Samsung*cough*. It should be running ICS though.
  6. The thing is I understand the dominance that Apple have with the iPad, but I still wouldn't get one. I would rather pick up a similar priced Android tablet and use that. It all comes down to what you want. Personally I hate the look of the OS on iPad/Phone/Touch, it's just a dull bank of icons. Nothing stylised about it. I prefer being able to add widgets to the desktop that give info instantly when I want it.
  7. Dude, get a clue.. ICS source code was just released on 12/7. These are the steps involved in getting it ready for existing devices.. could you do that in a week? if the product already was shipping?
  8. Julio Franco

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    @Guest, the real question is whether Motorola should have waited a few more weeks and released a very solid ICS-based tablet. I'm sure OEMs get to tinker around with Android betas well in advance, not to mention Motorola is now owned by Google.
  9. Avoid the XYBOARD 10.1 with Android 3.2.0 from Verizon Wireless - Possible crippleware installed:

    Is anyone able to get the USB Debugging capability to work on the Droid XYBOARD 10.1? I have two Android based devices that work properly with "adb" and are recognized with "adb devices". The XYBOARD as shipped with 3.2.0 seems to be intentionally crippled to enforce the storage pricing model. I would be interested if others are experiencing what initially appears as crippling of standard Android OS functionality by Verizon Wireless. So far, this is the first Android based device that I may have to return to Verizon ... and have to pay the high $70 tablet restocking fee.
  10. Does it have Tegra 3?
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