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Mar 4, 2013
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  1. Hello everyone!
    I'm having issues with my mouse seems to randomly move on its own. It doesn't happen all the time, It's rare for it to occur outside a video game. When I'm playing it will do and move to the exact same place everytime. It press buttons and move the mouse to one corner of the screen
    this may happen 2-3 times within a 40 minute game.
    Anti malwarebytes can't find it, I tried cc cleaning, my mouse is brand new and has been working beautifully until just this week.

    I'd be grateful for any help or advice

  2. stonarda

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    Have you tried any other mice? :)
  3. Cinders

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    Mice don't usually break like that. I'm not saying your mouse is broken. I suspect that somebody besides you is in control of your computer. I'd uninstall your current antivirus and try something else. Just google free antivirus for a very large selection of possible choices.
  4. BigPete1212

    BigPete1212 TS Rookie

    You have your touchpad enabled. You probably don't notice your thumb sliding across it. Disable it and it will stop. It happened to me all the time at work. I even called IT at one point and accused them of remoting in without permission..LOL. You aren't being remote jk
  5. johnnydoe

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  6. learninmypc

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    If the ideas above don't work, try these.
    Is it an optical mouse? If so, try cleaning the optical area & also the bumpers on it. Next, check your mouse properties in Control Panel. If enhanced pointer position is checked, uncheck it.:)
  7. Mike-

    Mike- TS Rookie

    Yeah, I keep having a problem where my mouse works most of the time well (Msoft Wheel mouse optical 1.1a, yes its old) but often, after I stop moving it, about 5 seconds later, it makes one more move in the last direction I used it.
    I just found some dust inside the optical sensor, so that may be part of it.
    But I guess I have to turn off "Enhanced position" function.
    Re-installing the driver just now didn't help.
    The one last bump of the mouse on its own, is REALLY annoying.
    This happens to me with other mice on Windows 7, like Logitech wireless mini mice, that are nice. And on other computers running Win 7, like an HP laptop + a Asus desktop mboard.
    I really like the enhanced position feature, though.
    This happens on the Win7 desktop and while running MineCraft, so I guess it's a function of the mouse driver itself, not the OS or game. I'm using the right driver...
  8. Its not an antivirus you would have to get. The best thing is to do a clean boot if you don't know just go to this link:

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