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Sep 7, 2005
  1. oh man do i need some help! hopefully i'll be able to give you enough pertinent info (if not, please ask). my mouse keeps sticking! i'm running xp home edition. i'm assuming that it's caused by a program running in the background causing my computer to run slow, from time to time. i've checked task manager but am not seeing anything suspicious (as of yet). even did some research on some of the exe's that are running to see what they are. ran ad aware to make sure there weren't any spyware invading. it seems to have started after i installed sp2. but really started up again after i started connecting my flash drive. i made sure to 'safely remove hardware'. it became really bad when i installed xp plus, which i then decided to uninstall. i'm not sure what else i can do to troubleshoot this problem. any help would be greatly appreciated. it's gotta be something that i'm not looking for. thanks!
  2. AndyS_UK

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    how "powerful" is your computer? ie what processor have you got? I ran a test on my cpu yesterday and while it was doing it my mouse was "sticky". Perhaps the new features in SP2 are just too much for your PC.
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    intel pentium 4. i'm not sitting at my computer at the moment, but i believe that it's running at around 2 Ghz/DIM2400/256 Mb RAM. i've seen others experiencing the same issue with sp2, but of course i'm also assuming that everyone's situation is different since there are lots of installations, and what not, done between installation and experiencing the problem.

    i found this thread... shutting down programs that are running sounds kinda risky to me, unless you're really sure what they are.
  4. AndyS_UK

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    check in windows task manager, in the processes tab. Have a look to see if any program other than "system idle process" uses a lot of the cpu, or if any use unnecessarily high amounts of memory.

    You could end these processes one by one until you find the culprit. If you're worried about the risk, you could search each one in google before hand to find out exactly what it is and what makes the process start.

    Last ditch solution/test: if you can, you could uninstall SP2, see if the mouse is still sticky, if it is then you can reinstall SP2 knowing it isnt SP2 that is causing it. If it appears to be SP2 causing it then... you need to ask someone who knows about SP2, cos i don't know anything about it!
  5. noniekimp

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    i will def have to try it out more intensely. of course the programs that were running at high memory were the ones that i was using. heheh! i'll have to try it tonight when i get home, and let you know what i find. thank you for your response! i'm def more at ease.
  6. AndyS_UK

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    the other thing of course is have you scanned for viruses?
  7. noniekimp

    noniekimp TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I have norton antivirus running weekly to update and check. but i'll force one to run tonight. i hope i don't find anything... what a big mess that would be!
  8. russzero

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    sticky mousey

    hi .. my pc was hit by some clever (but very anoying) program while surfing the net back in July. The said program installed on my pc .. i could not uninstall it .. it removed my screensaver & functions to the display properties .. it said something like " BUY OUR SOFTWARE TO REMOVE VIRUSES & THREAT OF ATTACK" .. how very nice. >> this got thru my firewall & antivirus .. ( waste of time using that then !)

    ... back to the plot .. i had to re-install everything as my pc was virt useless !! Since then .. at 1st the pc was working quite well untill last week ... !!! THATS A TOTAL OF ABOUT 6+ WEEKS !!! Well i had to install a Nokia phone browser for my son. We had problems with it & gave up.I uninstalled it .. or tried to .. & then i started to get problems.
    My pc seems fairly ok at start up but slowly gets all sticky. The MOUSE freezes as if its being switched on & off. If u move it about accross the screen when its bad .. it stops n starts!! The very worse thing is when u are trying to DRAG something in a program. This is SO frustrating.
    Ive run "spybot" (by advise) & it reports no threats .. ??? & i cant sus it. If it gets any worse i may have to re-install again. I have to add one final point .. just before i got HIT online .. i bought a cable free mouse. Its great but it wont work very good unless its in the PS2 socket ... because this pc has only usb1. If i use a cable mouse the problem is NOT as bad!! ... this must be progress. ... I was wondering if the processor was up the swanee as it always seems to get worse the longer the pc is on... even if i DONT use the pc!
    i wish id never got rid of my amiga
  9. AndyS_UK

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    What exactly do you mean by "NOT as bad" when youre using a cable mouse? is it still sticky at all?
  10. patio

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    Re-install the mouse drivers...
    Try a new mouse...

    patio. :cool:
  11. RealBlackStuff

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    reinstall the USB drivers. SP2 has a different 'view' on them once it's been installed.
    In Device Manager, rightclick on all the USB related lines and uninstall them all.
    Then reboot and XP will reinstall them afresh.
  12. gbhall

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    new mouse

    yeah, this could be a slight possibility. On older (ball) mice you need to take the ball out and clean the rollers with a fingernail from time to time. Optical mice dont need that of course, but certain surfaces can have a similar effect for them. Then don't forget the cable can become snagged and damaged....
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