Keyboard / Mouse Mouse stops working at random

Not sure if this is the right place for this but if not please point me in the right direction. While using my work computer the mouse will randomly freeze on the screen as if the driver was uninstalled. I reboot and everything is fine and works again.

I've tried multiple mice that work fine on my personal laptop. I tried to uninstall the through the device manager and reinstalling and still continues to freeze up. I feel like its a driver issue but I'm not completely sure. When it would freeze in the beginning I would just move it to a different usb that its never been plugged into and it'd install the driver and the mouse would unfreeze. However, I've now used every usb slot and that doesn't work anymore if I switch spots it stays frozen. When I got the machine it would happen maybe once or twice a day. Then it went to maybe once every couple days. Now so far today I've had to reboot 14 times due to this issue...this is really causing me issues because its slowing my development time down considering I have to reboot every 20 minutes.

I asked someone in the office about this and they said they remember this happening with our former employee that used this machine and it was reformatted after that. Which means its a hardware issue but this isn't confirmed, I'd like to make sure that's the issue before I have to have a new PC shipped.

Any help would be appreciated, let me know if you need some sort of logs or whatever you may need.

Thank you
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Had to upload it because it was giving me a error saying I can't post links. Sorry it took so long, couldn't figure out how to get the log w/o a mouse finally figured it out. Thank you