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ok i got a zen vision by creative and i was wondering how i put movies on it. its probly in the directions but u guys usually know better ways to do things. can anyone help?


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Nice choice... I have a Pocket PC and I use. Pocket DVD Studio 3.5 It is fast and has great quality. Here is the web site.

What format does Creative use? Pocket DVD Studio saves the movies in WMV and AVI. But their other versions save them in different formats. There are many other programs this is just the one I prefer...
Just checked and it will work with the Zen Vision..You just put the dvd in the dvd drive, open Pocket DVD Studio and set the settings to the size you want, sound etc...It will shrink the movie down to size so that it can be uploaded to your device.....and it will place it on the desktop all ready to go.
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