Mozilla starts pushing Firefox 3.0.x users to upgrade

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Aug 17, 2009
  1. Roughly a month and a half since issuing its last major update, Mozilla has begun a campaign aimed at encouraging users of Firefox 3.0 to move on to the newest version. According to an official blog post, starting this past weekend an update offer in the form of a popup is presenting users with the option of downloading Firefox 3.5 immediately, postponing for 24 hours or declining the update altogether. Previously, in order to stumble upon the new version, Firefox 3.0 users needed to specifically search for updates.

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  2. Upgraded to Firefox 3.5 and am not happy. Started to have a problem using the cursor. Don't like 3.5.? and want to go back to 3.0.?, but don't have time to find out how to do it. Have bills to pay online. Using IE now and have always disliked that one. Help!
  3. SNGX1275

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    Guest - Try Opera.
  4. Google Chrome.
  5. tuant

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  6. Try the k-meleon or orca browsers
  7. Julio Franco

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    Although I keep using Firefox due to a number of add-ons I heavily rely on, Chrome is looking better than ever IMO, sorry Opera lovers :)
  8. captaincranky

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    Is it me, my computer, or does the new FF3.5 need more CPU than the older FF2.0 browsers? It just seems to lag.

    As to Chrome, it may be a wonderful browser, but everything Google does seems like it's priority is to invade your privacy.
  9. strategic

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    I don't know, but in a previous post, you gave good reviews to this "noscript".
    So, I installed the add-on. After a couple days I have noticed everything in Firefox a little sluggish, so today, I disabled (not uninstalled) the 'noscript' just to help diagnose the issue, and so far, it's faster.:suspiciou
  10. strategic

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    Sure, but hows the security? Since it's a google product, I'm not too sure just yet whether I should give it a try...
  11. bwchato

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    when a;; my add one work then i will consider upgrading to it and not before.there are just too many add ons i use that won't work on version 3.5
  12. captaincranky

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    I've used the "No-Script" add-on, almost as long as I've used Firefox. I suppose it could be argued that NS doesn't play well with the new Java engine in FF3.5, or that an update of the add-on slows FF down. Because of the length of time I've used NS, I probably wouldn't notice a speed difference in FF2.0

    The only problem I'd have in doing a "double blind" sort of comparison, is that while I have the FF2.0 installers, I don't have the earlier NS extension.

    Even if it is a minor impediment, I'm going to stick with No Script. Whether real or imaginary, I feel a lot safer on the web with it in operation. Besides, it's great to only have Flash in your face when I want it, not when the website wants me to have it.

    My compliant is with FF3.5 downloading image files, it seems it wants to just load the place holder, and not the image itself more often than did FF2.0. Should I be eyeballing the servers as the cause? Dunno, maybe..

    One good thing, although it does slow the whole procedure down, is that my AV scans the downloads, and it is visible in the download window progress bar. This I never saw with FF2.0. Here again, I don't know if this is caused by an update of the browser, or the AV.

    Besides, it's Summer, maybe the old Prescott just likes to spin it's fans to let me know it's hot out.
  13. Think Mozilla SEA MONKEY and FLOCK are still the best as Fire give plenty problems lately
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