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MPAA and BREIN shut down 51 more torrent sites

By Emil · 62 replies
Jan 31, 2011
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  1. drufense

    drufense TS Rookie

    Some would say no matter how you rationalize it, ''stealing is stealing'' and that is what downloading copyrighted material from torrent sites is, as long as the law exists. Others would say, if these avenues of getting some of these materials didnt exist at all, then everyone will be forced to pay unfair and insanely high prices for any material, great or crap, as long as it's been copyrighted! I do wonder: for those who say it's stealing, some of these same laws make you a criminal whenever you lend your dvd to your girlfriend, or get several music tracks via bluetooth from your colleagues or borrow your friends ps3 disc to finish the offline mode of a game since your disc got scratched, or copy your friends pc game after your computer crashed and your installation disc was no where to be found,as far as you don't ask for permission from the copyright owners.i must say that if you have never been guilty of these or anything similar, i fear you may not be human! Dont you think there's something wrong if you cant do these?? All these also result in lost revenue and according to these laws, more than half of the population may be criminals!this is what filesharing including torrents achieve, just on a larger scale(as long as no form of payment is involved). Agreed, it does get to the point where it's worrisome for those who have a stake in it, but that said,i think some of those who stand on the high moral ground of ''stealing is stealing'' are hypochrites because of reasons stated above. Sometimes, not everything in life is black or white. But one thing is sure: Good products will always sell even in a world where torrents exist and unfairly high prices for materials,especially those not worth it (eg some ps3 games or district 9 ;)), will always promote some form of piracy. If anyone is againt torrents/existence of torrent sites/filesharing because of it's tendency to be used in distributing copyrighted work then there's something wrong cos they may as well be against the computer! In life,somehow there's always a balance and i think this situation isn't any different as efforts on both sides seem to balance each other.
  2. captaincranky

    captaincranky TechSpot Addict Posts: 12,514   +2,308

    Well drufense; I think you're being silly. And like you, I can think of a 1000 instances were copying a disc would be justifiable. Granted, the MPAA would like you to charge admission if you brought a few friends over to watch "Avatar", since you have a bigger TV than them, and they offered to bring the beer. And yes, they would probably like to collect "public viewing" fees from the showing, if you did so.

    I'm neither affiliated with the MPAA, nor am I a hypocrite. I simply say that the moral, (and legal), side of the argument goes to the owner of the copyrighted material.

    I don't really care who copies what. I'm am however, deathly sick of listening to all kinds of bizarre justifications from people who do infringe or steal, or whatever we're going to call it at this juncture.

    So, for all the niggling silliness of examples you just put forth, I have two words for you, "fair use". That concept is written into copyright law also. But, it's not anywhere near as liberal as most of you think it should be, or would like it to be.

    As I said, "Ad Block Plus" would help free you from the ads. (And also free you from the excuse).

    Your position is more applicable to broadcast (off the air), TV. That said, the ads are there because the service IS free. Also, broadcast TV has no DRM. Consequently, if the entertainment industry wanted to start, (or rather "restart"), a bunch of nonsense about the right to "time shift" this material, I would be right there with you.

    What I think is truly unfair, is advertising on subscription cable services, and as I understand it, they have DRM also.

    It's still hard to justify the idea that, "I pay 30 bucks a month for internet, so I should be entitled to download every first run movie on the planet, every recorded song on the planet free of charge, and don't bother me with the damned advertising either. If you see my point. If I were your ISP, I'd simply give your your money back and cancel your subscription.

    (Which incidentally, they have every right to do, should it be shown that you have knowingly downloaded illegal copyrighted material. Read your, "terms of service" agreement).
  3. I posted earlier bout this, so i already mentioned that they bloat figures.
    And while Red or Route turned around and said so whats the difference in stealing $100mil and $1.98, well, again, casettes...
    Cd's and vinyl on tape passed to friends, theres ya $1.98, with ease, and at that point in time... no one gave a crap. I didnt see huge lawsuits and people being sued in the 80's, the corporations were doing fine, and were able to afford their fast cars and cocaine habits, but now this must of changed.
    Tax increases, poor economy, only way to get the money is to sue people.
    Anyone possible, for any reason... didnt they try to sue a dead chick or was that just a little urban myth to mock them. Still w/e.

    I just however think that this isnt just about piracy, this is like, bloated figures, governments say yes tackle this huge problem, look at the figures lost in our economy... straws... clutch... yeah, this will all solve everything... ammo for takin controls of the interwebs at many levels ? Shut everything down you dont like. I get the sites shouldnt be there, but was there not an issue with the the way it was done. A tad wrong / illegal. As much as I dont see a problem with the torrent sites shut in this manor, does it not give governments and corporations a little loop hole to use it whenever they want. Brute force and censorship. Google didnt give a crap about it til they saw android sales were low and attributed to torrent usage, and boom, sales down, censor torrent searches.

    I think the companies are hypocrites. They are out to make money. They sell consoles and films and music, mp3 and divx and other codecs for shrinking the data and sharing it faster arise, p2p file sharing takes off. The increase in sales for DVD players that can read CDR discs with mov avi file types become more mainstream, they want you to buy there products coz they know how easy it is to get this stuff surely. Surely p2p helped sales. I honestly cant see a need for a dvd player that can play divx if you are buying your own stuff, unless you are backing up your dvds to divx or vob files, just in case if you have kids, are clumsy or an insane dog, they are goin to get scratched.
    So have they made all the money necessary from the products? Supply and demand, quotas filled, now cut people off from teh p2p as its time to move on to greener pastures. On to streaming now the speeds of the net increase, the servers can finally handle global amounts of films and tv so its no need to be happy selling players.
    I would say hats off, you found a way to make money, during an age where p2p piracy should make a huge hole. But wait, did making players for the everyday home, mean you encouraged p2p. So as to sell more, make more money. Would as many people have had access to such files if you hadnt of made it mainstream.
    Even internet providers say, download music films files, of such a size in such a time... they in my opinion encourage to. You can say no no, the small print, the extra bits no one reads, you cant p2p. But that is not what they are advertising. No one, says ooh i must get this Service provider because i cant do...

    Modchips, Pandora Batteries, SD cards, USB sticks, HDD's, PC's, HTPC's, Consoles ( now with divx and streaming ) HDTV's with usb and ethernet interfaces. The Jobs these all provide.

    So to those who just say its illegal. Its business, it always has been business, they never took their eyes off the prize, the p2p users never got away with anything, they were welcomed by those who saw beyond. They could of done what they are doing ages ago, but apparently it was wrong back then. So what changed ? Money time and change. And its time to change it, to make more money. (Good luck in this recession)

    And to Captain cranky: I liked reading your posts, you discuss and argue your point better than red and route who IMO just seem to say illegal and offer as weak an argument as the p2p people who have no morals and say its fine. If things were a simple case of right and wrong... the human race... virus ... yeah.
  4. Gars

    Gars TS Booster Posts: 230

    the piracy problem is solved in Egypt
    now, the western world have example how to do it
  5. captaincranky

    captaincranky TechSpot Addict Posts: 12,514   +2,308

    Uh, thank you Gars, for that nugget of wisdom.
  6. Can i just point out that techspot moderators are deleting posts they dont like on this subject......

    So much for freedom of speech..
  7. So they shut down 51 sites..

    Go google .torrent.. 316 million results...

    That leaves you with only 315000949 to go..

    Find a better way to do buisness or die, same as betamax, cassettes ect ect..

    Digital distribution is the future, you can sue and close down as many people as you like, it wont change a thing.

    Games and movies are still breaking sales records to this day. Theft is paying 10 quid for a plastic disk, in a plastic box, with a piece of printed paper when i can go and download it for bugger all.

    Videos on you tube regulalry pull in over 10 million views, and the make money from advertising, why should i pay for an old fashioned notion of doing buisness.. I would be quite happy to see these companys go bust and stop churning out the crap..

    Wew dont need overpaid hollywood stars to make a good movie you know..
  8. Leeky

    Leeky TS Evangelist Posts: 3,797   +116

    Guest (IP*removed*)

    Freedom of speech doesn't extend to profanities, and the linking of torrents, both of which aren't allowed on this forum.

    If you don't want to have posts removed or censored, read and follow the forum Guidelines.
  9. The profanity you speak of was censored by the forums before you deleted my post.

    The links i posted were for google search results, not torrents.

    I suggest you read the forum rules yourself.
  10. As a side note its not very polite to post someones ip on a public forum. luckily i have a dynamic ip.

    Lets see if you do too.
  11. ■Respect the privacy of others. Do not post other's personal information without their express permission.
  12. captaincranky

    captaincranky TechSpot Addict Posts: 12,514   +2,308

    No, I suppose we could suffer through, "Dr. Who", "Fawlty Towers", and whatever other tedium the BBC disposes itself to inflict on us.

    You don't actually need an "overpaid Hollywood Star", to make a hit movie, to that I agree.

    However, you do need a monster budget, to create the type of movie that most people are expecting.

    Blockbuster high budget, FX laden films, can make a relative unknown into a major star, as often as a major star bombs in that same type of vehicle.
  13. I do agree with you captain.

    Movies like avatar would probably never be made without massive investments first. But for every avatar theres a movie like 127 hours, which if it cost film 4 more than a couple of grand to make they were ripped off, And thats not a bad thing....

    One of the best movies i have seen in years imo, still trying to grow my fingernails back :)

    You tune also has a fine selection of short films with fantastic special effects and production values, Take the duo wallace and gromit as an example of the buisness model im talking about..
    ( pre were rabbitt )

    It just annoys me we have all this fantastic technology, where one copy of a movie is enough to supply the world, cut costs, cut packaging, give this movie to people who may not have seen it for any reason, And people still try to control the way we wish to use it.

    And they charge you a freaking licence fee to watch doctor who!! :)

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